‘Climate Change’ Could Kill Off Red Apples Or Something

It’s always some prognostication of doom from the Cult of Climastrology. They never seem to offer any sort of positive message like

Pat Michaels, former president of the American Association of State Climatologists, says, “It’s warmed up around one degree Celsius since 1900, and life expectancy DOUBLED … yet [if] that temperature ticks up another half a degree … the entire system crashes? That’s the most absurd belief.”

They also like to duck having discussions and debates. But, anyhow, on to Maybe Future Doom

How climate change could kill the red apple

The archetypal apple is – no two ways about it – red. There may be yellow apples or green apples in the grocery store too. In some places, you might even find varieties that are striped or mottled with a profusion of hues, like the gorgeous Cox’s Orange Pippin.

But red – or occasionally, pure, sharp Granny Smith green – is the colour of apples in most alphabet books. It’s an interesting detail, because apples were not always so resolutely monochrome. (snip)

Intriguingly, colour also depends on temperature. To get an apple that’s fully red, temperatures must stay cool, Chagne says, because if they climb to above about 40C (104F), MYB10 and anthocyanin levels crash. In the Pyrenees region of Spain, he and his colleagues found normally vividly red striped apples were completely pale after a particularly hot July. As temperatures warm, he suggests, it could become more difficult for apples to turn red. (snip)

Perhaps the threat that climate change poses to the red apple will be counterbalanced by our sheer determination to breed them, even if it takes expensive breeding programmes. Even before we understood the genetics, colourful apples exerted a strong pull on humans. John Bunker, an apple collector based in Palermo, Maine, has rescued numerous forgotten breeds from extinction. These include apples that used to be grown a century or more ago before orcharding became so Delicious-focused, including the magnificent Black Oxford, an apple whose red is so dark you might mistake it for an enormous plum before seeing its brilliant white flesh. “The colours are phenomenal. And I think that for some people including myself that was the original attraction,” he says.

In fact, the majority of the article has zero to do with red apples, or any color of apples. It’s really about the history of apples and their colors, what growers might do that has nothing to do with climate, just attracting consumers. The word “climate” appears twice: once in the headline and the other in bold above. But, this is climate cultism, having to interject this into every story.

Apples will be fine. Climate cultists? They need an intervention.

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6 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Could Kill Off Red Apples Or Something”

  1. John says:

    Apples will be just fine ??
    You mean like NJ’s lobsters ?
    50 years ago the focal point for American lobster fishing was Long Beach Islam NJ
    Now because of rising ocean temps it has migrated north to the Gulf of Maine
    NJ ‘s harvest fell 90%
    Atlantic coastal waters are warming 3x as fast as the average ocean temp

    • formwiz says:

      Long Beach Islam NJ?

      Time to put down the Ripple and sleep it off.

    • Doom and Gloom says:

      John was here 3 years with this same story. It was debunked then and its still debunked.

      New Jersey’s modest lobster fleet, comprised of 30 to 40 active fishermen, doesn’t harvest enough lobster on its own to replicate Maine’s predicament. But bargain basement-priced Maine lobster has entered the state’s market through grocery retailers and restaurant chains, driving down prices here as a result.

      30-40 fishermen not 1000’s of people out of work and why are they suffering?

      MAINE is harvesting so many lobsters that its flooding the market up and down the coast including NJ making lobster fishing not lucrative. Nothing to do with Global warming.

      but then hell in the lefts mind everything has to do with AGW, including their mates who used to have headaches now they have global warming feinting spells.

    • david7134 says:

      What is your point? Who cares about lobsters? Are you saying that we should destroy our economy and world standing for lobsters? Your allusion is to climate change and CO2 and that myth has been debunked. The climate might be changing, but it does that all the time and CO2 and man do not influence it.

    • Nighthawk says:

      And so? All that shows is that the conditions change and that nature adapts to those changes. In no way does it prove harm or that man has any real effect on the climate.

  2. samoore says:

    My Mother’s father was a pioneer fruit grower in the Yakima Valley, and I spent many a Summer in those orchards when I was younger.

    It gets pretty damned hot in the Valley from June to September, and I don’t remember anyone ever saying anything about how pale the Red Delicious or McIntosh were.

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