This Is New: ‘Climate Change’ Could Maybe Possibly Double Carbon Pollution From Lakes

It is getting close to December, when the UN IPCC holds its annual Conference On the Parties ‘climate change’ meeting. It’s supposed to still be in Spain, after moving several times from South American nations. And, as it gets closer, the climate cultists typically come out with all sorts of scary prognostications, but, this is a new one, being repeated throughout the news media


Climate change could double the amount of greenhouse gas emissions given off by freshwater lakes, scientists have warned.

If current global warming trends continue, greenhouse gas concentrations in lakes could rise by 1.5 to 2.7 times, on average, according to a study published in the journal PNAS.

Lead researcher Dr. Andrew Tanentzap of the University of Cambridge’s department of Plant Sciences explained to Newsweek: “Climate change is increasing both forest cover and changing the types of tree species occurring around most of the world’s lakes.

“These changes are important for lakes because they receive large amounts of dead plant material from the lands that surround them.”

You mean Nature is occurring?

Sources of organic matter, like carbon compounds that come from the remains of plants, animals, and their waste products “is particularly large in nutrient-poor lakes that are the most common on Earth,” Tanentzap said.

“Therefore, as vegetation changes around lakes because of climate change, we hypothesized that so too would the role that lakes play in emitting greenhouse gases,” he explained.

To carry out the research, scientists filled containers with different amounts of rocks and organic material, like leaves from deciduous and coniferous plants, and plunged them into the shallow water of Lake Laurentian and Swan Lake in Ontario, Canada. Two months later, they used special equipment to examine the organic molecules in the containers.

How dare nature do this! BTW, there was zero proof offered that this is being caused by the activities of Mankind. Other than researchers filling containers with rocks and organic materials and artificially causing problems with lakes, of course.

But, this is all your fault. You can fix this by paying a tax and giving up your freedom.

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