Rand Paul Invokes Constitution On Revealing “Whistleblower’s” Name

Of course, the whistleblower is not actually a whistleblower, since the person in question who started this whole Ukraine thing never actually heard the call 1st hand, and sure seems like they had quite a bit coaching by Democrats, what with all the discussing this all prior to going public, as well as being a registered Democrat with links to all sorts of Democrats

Rand Paul Uses The Constitution To Argue To Reporter That The Whistleblower Should Be Unmasked

Republican Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul brought up the Constitution and the Sixth Amendment when a reporter challenged his efforts to publicly reveal the identity of the whistleblower whose allegations kicked off a renewed interest in impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Paul addressed the question Tuesday after taking the stage at Trump’s Monday rally in his home state and demanding that the press publish the whistleblower’s name.

Question: “Your colleagues, Republicans, say that it’s irresponsible and dangerous for your call to out the whistleblower.”

Sen. Rand Paul: “You’ve heard of the Constitution, right? The Constitution has the Sixth Amendment.”

Paul went on to explain that the Sixth Amendment included the right of the accused to confront any accusers, suggesting that allowing the whistleblower to remain anonymous would then be a de facto denial of Trump’s Sixth Amendment rights.

Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham also argued that the whistleblower was not guaranteed anonymity, telling reporters, “The whistleblower statute was never meant to give you anonymity. It was meant to allow you to come forward without being fired.”

Paul went on to note that if Adam Schiff doesn’t want to bring the so-called whistleblower forward, along with Hunter Biden, then every Republican should walk away from this farce. Joe Biden needs to testify. Let us know exactly why he demanded that the person in Ukraine investigating be fired

Biden has said that in the spring of 2016, during his tenure as vice president, he called on Ukraine to fire the top prosecutor investigating the energy company paying his son. Biden suggested he would withhold $1 billion in U.S. aid to Ukraine if the country did not fire the prosecutor, who was accused by the State Department and U.S. allies in Europe of being soft on corruption.

See, it’s not really about Hunter, but about Joe. And, if Joe is saying that Barack Obama approved this, then it is on Obama. And, is this not a quid pro quo for purely personal gain? There’s video of Joe bragging about it.

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