Fairy Tales Are Perfect To Discuss ‘Climate Change’ At Halloween Or Something

There’s some subtle TDS in this, as well

Fairy tales, climate change, and a spook-tacular invitation for youth

Every fall, I loved to teach folktales and fairy tales, setting the stage for the most imaginative holiday, Halloween. One of my favorite stories was The Emperor’s New Clothes. Remember that story? — The Emperor was a dull, boorish, clotheshorse who fell under the spell of thieves and “bought” or really imagined he bought, beautiful new clothes from the thieves who pretended to be weavers.

Those pretend weavers told the Emperor that the so-called clothes would be invisible to simpletons or to those not fit for their positions. Many in the land heard this fabricated story, and when the Emperor sent nobility to check on the clothes, the nobles, for fear of losing their jobs, told the Emperor that the thieves’ invisible garments were beautiful.

Yes, this story sounds a lot like today’s times…


There are different versions of the Emperor’s response to the finished product. Some say the Emperor believed that he saw the beautiful outfits right away; others disagreed, claiming the Emperor was not so sure, but decided to pretend and participate in a royal parade, sporting nothing but his underwear.

Disagreement is okay, because democratic schooling values multiple perspectives and the exchange of ideas and views.

Funny, because Warmists and Leftists are utterly intolerant of opposing views, which is actually shown in the rest of the article

This Emperor, however, was not of that ilk.  He refused to tolerate disagreement.  He proceeded with the parade walking in his underwear, just like some of our leaders continue this day. The Emperor walked past a child who was shouting the truth; that the Emperor was not wearing any clothes. Some of the courtesans heard that child and saw through the the fake weaver’s charade. And they, too, chimed in that the Emperor was parading in his underwear.

Activist Greta Thunberg is a student, not a child, but the story of The Emperor’s New Clothes is an apt metaphor for her experience. Some key adults who have the power to mitigate the climate crisis are averting their eyes, not listening to her presentations (or reviewing the science)—and even mocking Greta.  Thankfully, the majority of U.S. citizens recognize the climate hoax and know how to treat every person with dignity.

She’s a student? Seems she’s been blowing off school every Friday, and is now blowing off school for a year. Perhaps many of the adults, with all their schooling and life experience, know a bit more than the perfect example of an indoctrinated, brainwashed member of the Cult of Cliamastrology

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