A Fox Munching A Marmot Photo Is All About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Obviously, whenever something happens the Cult of Climastrology has to make it all about their cult

The Washington Post is all over it, taking the photographer’s winning photo and making it all about climate

A marmot’s final moment before becoming fox food wins an award — and tells us about climate change

“The Moment” was rare yet relatable.

In a picture captured by Chinese photographer Yongqing Bao, a female Tibetan fox and a Himalayan marmot meet. The fox, hunting to feed her three cubs, crouches, ready to pounce. The marmot, upright and pivoting on one small claw, opens its mouth in a silent screech.

The creatures face each other — suspended in what Roz Kidman Cox, chair of the judging panel for Wildlife Photographer of the Year, called an “extraordinary” natural moment.

“Photographically, it is quite simply the perfect moment,” said Cox, who awarded Bao first place in the photography contest, which is sponsored by London’s Natural History Museum. “The expressive intensity of the postures holds you transfixed, and the thread of energy between the raised paws seems to hold the protagonists in perfect balance.”


The pictures that followed Bao’s award-winning moment are gruesome, Bao told BBC. He summarized the end result simply.

“That’s nature,” he said.

It’s nature, right? WRONG, you darned non-believer!

Sir Michael Dixon, the museum director, said in a news release that the plateau is often referred to as the “Third Pole” because of the “enormous water reserves held by its ice fields.” The area, he said, is under “threat” because of “dramatic temperature rises” attributed to global climate change.

“At a time when precious habitats are facing increasing climate pressures, seeing these fleeting yet fascinating moments reminds us of what we need to protect,” Dixon said.

See! It’s all Your Fault! How dare you live a modern life! Take long showers, keep your heat on in a comfortable range, drive to work, and use more than 2 sheets of TP!

But, hey, what’s this?

The grasslands where the foxes live are used by livestock herders, according to the museum, which means the foxes’ habitat and food sources are disturbed by humans. Their usual prey — the plateau pika — “are subject to eradication attempts,” according to the museum. If the pikas disappear, so could the foxes.

So, it’s not really that pikas are threatened by ‘climate change’, but mankind directly. Good to know.

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One Response to “A Fox Munching A Marmot Photo Is All About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something”

  1. Kye says:

    “A marmot’s final moment before becoming fox food wins an award — and tells us about climate change”

    A young girl’s final moment before becoming an example of Chinese Communist “justice”. It won no awards and is rarely seen by ignorant leftists and when it is seen it’s ignored. But it tells us a lot about the people who promote phony climate change to destroy Americas economy whilst ignoring Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern and African massive pollution. They are both motivated by the same thing: POWER.


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