How To Nag Your Friends And Family To Live More Hotcoldwetdry Friendly

Young snowflakes attending University! with no life experience have Ideas

How to encourage your friends and family to live more sustainably

Even the most dedicated eco-warriors sometimes find it tough to inspire planet-friendly behaviour change in others. Sarah Ford-Hutchinson, from the University’s Department for Social Responsibility, gives us her top tips for encouraging your friends and family to live more sustainably.

1. Understand yourself.

First things first, start with you. Make a list of the sustainable behaviours you do: using reusable items, eating less meat, opting for a renewable energy supplier or not flying within the UK. Ask why you choose to do these: your motivation may be just as much about saving money and fitting in as about reducing carbon emissions. Then make a list of the sustainable behaviours you’d like to do more of in the future.

When you understand yourself and the sustainability journey you are on, it’s much easier to explain to others. This honesty is a great place to start when encouraging you friend or family member to open up about their behaviours.

Interesting that this does advocate that young climate cultists actually live within the beliefs set of their cult. Just think about it.

2. Ask questions and listen.

Let’s face it: not everyone cares about climate change or biodiversity loss because the effects on individuals in Scotland can be hard to detect. While you may be able to start a conversation with one person about planetary health on a global scale, a better tactic for another person might be to start with them as an individual.

But, they only ask questions and listen within their own narrow world-view. Usually, they are screeching about it.

3. Make change together.

It’s well-known that peers strongly influence a person’s behaviour. Agree to some goals with your friend or family member: “let’s not use disposable plastic all week”, or “let’s take the train rather than fly to visit each other”. Doing something together is more likely to succeed, and empowers them to tackle more complex behaviour changes in the future with your support.

Hooray, for a week!

6. Look after each other.

Influencing others is hard, and it can easily drain your energy. Having conversations about reusable cups while the arctic warms can seem exasperating. Recognise when you or your friend are experiencing eco-anxiety, or feeling powerless, and talk about it. Change is absolutely possible if we remain positive and action-focused, but we all need a time out to rest and collect our thoughts.

Nagging each other and everyone around you is difficult. And then they graduate and realize that they actually have to work for a living and most companies do not tolerate this nagging.

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3 Responses to “How To Nag Your Friends And Family To Live More Hotcoldwetdry Friendly”

  1. Dana says:

    I absolutely support this! We have been mocking them for not practicing what they preach, so if some of the warmunists are going to start practicing what they preach, well good for them.

    And it’s good advice, for almost anything: it really doesn’t matter what the subject is, others are more likely to be persuaded by you if you do what you tell others to do.

    let’s take the train rather than fly to visit each other

    Uhhh, if you really want to save Mother Gaia, you really shouldn’t take any receational trips beyond walking or biking distance. The train still consumes energy, still results in carbon emissions!

    Having conversations about reusable cups while the arctic warms can seem exasperating.

    That’s because it’s nagging. Why not use a different approach, noting how drinks, virtually all drinks, simply taste better from a real glass or coffee cup? Then you can add the part about it being better for the environment, although you need to do research on which detergents are less harmful.

    And that brings up another point: when people walk or bike over to the homes of the warmunists, they should see something really radical like a dish drainer in their homes. Hand wash your dishes when you can; it saves sparktricity. Sure, if you have a clear pile of dirty crockery, the dishwasher is practical, but if it’s just some beta male and his boyfriend, there shouldn’t be too many dishes to hand wash.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    Well since 97 percent of the world believes in AGW and thinks the worlds gonna end in 12 years then if 97 percent of the world do all these things, why are they so worried about us 3 percenters?

  3. Doom and Gloom says:

    Interesting personal fact. When I was 8 years old I was in the 1959 Earthquake in Yellowstone that killed an entire campground. Heading to Yellowstone my parents were going to meet up with some friends already staying in that campground. ON the way, miraculously we met up with them on the road outside of Yellowstone. It was 1959, traffic was thin, and it was a 2 lane highway. They said they were going to Denver to buy a new truck camper because theirs was falling apart.

    Long story short Dad decided to stay in another campground saving our lives. The entire campground was buried by a gigantic hill slide after the earthquake. Now the next day not knowing any of this and this being 1959 we jumped in our car and went to Upper and Lower falls. We were in the bottom of lower Upper falls when another EQ hit sending boulders crashing down on top of us from above.

    We ran screaming up out of the deep valley and I was apprehensive until mom got about 4/5ths of the way up and just sit down on the steps saying she couldnt go a step further. I freaked out when I realized everyone around me was FREAKING OUT. My parents were freaking out. I started freaking out. I began crying, screaming so bad my mom yelled at my brother to slap me.

    For two years afterwards I was on tranquillizers and if anyone MENTIONED YELLOWSTONE, even said the word I would begin screaming and crying in panic.

    I PRESENT TO YOU AGW. This is what parents are doing to their children. The stupid bastards. The world is NOT going to end in 12 years. We are not going to flood in 12 years. Its alright to have children. Its okay to have a life. Any parent that would take that away from their child by

    SCARING THE FUKING SHIT OUT OF THEM OVER CO2 should be locked up for child abuse. I suspect their are many children who are terrified, if they have insanely stupid parents who rather than protect their children from this are terrifying them and gluing themselves to trains and airplanes.

    Yeah. Let your child have a childhood. IF were gonna die. Why punish them on the way down? What are they going to do to prevent an entire planet from dying?

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