Warren Panders To Low Income Folks With $1 Trillion Climate Justice Plan

She doesn’t really explain where the money will come from, or why so many low income and “minority” folks affected live in Democratic Party run areas

Elizabeth Warren unveils a $1 trillion environmental justice plan for low-income communities

Presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., introduced on Wednesday an environmental justice plan to defend low-income and minority communities against pollution, contamination and extreme weather events that are exacerbated by climate change.

The plan calls for spending at least $1 trillion in the next decade on the country’s most vulnerable communities, which are often concentrated in highly polluted areas and exposed to contamination from lead and other toxic chemicals from industrial and agricultural runoff.

“Our crisis of environmental injustice is the result of decades of discrimination and environmental racism compounding in communities that have been overlooked for too long,” Warren wrote in her plan.

“The same communities that have borne the brunt of industrial pollution are now on the front lines of climate change, often getting hit first and worst,” she wrote. (snip)

One recent study shows that black families are more likely to live in neighborhoods with higher concentrations of air pollution than white families, despite having equal or higher incomes. Another study finds that while white people largely cause air pollution, blacks and Latinos are more likely to breathe in that polluted air.

We can clearly see the use of ‘climate change’ as a means for the Democrats push to make everyone a Victim, along with their race-baiting. But, it is very interesting, is it not, that she fails to note that most of this occurs in the aforementioned Democrat run areas. Further, it conflates real environmental issues of pollution, which exist, let’s be clear, with a tiny increase in carbon dioxide which they say has caused a tiny increase in global temperatures.

In her plan, Warren said she would provide job training, guaranteed wage and benefit parity for fossil fuel workers transitioning into other industries, as well as pensions and early benefits for those who retire.

Yet, Liz has refused to stop using fossil fuels herself.

The plan requires $1 trillion over the next 10 years, or roughly a third of Warren’s proposed climate investment. It did not specify where that money would come from, though Warren’s original climate plan details reversing tax cuts for the country’s most wealthy through the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

It comes from the Money Unicorn.

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  1. alanstorm says:

    Anyone dim enough to buy into her proposals is too dim to vote or breed.

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