Extinction Rebellion Says Using Alarmist Language Is Great “Cause It Works”

There was actually a brief time when members of the Cult of Climastrology advocate to not use alarmist language. There are still a few, including Michael “Robust Debate” Mann, who are not in favor of this. However, they are dinosaurs, relics of a bygone age, who have seen the climahysteria of what they’ve created pass them by

Extinction Rebellion says it’s acceptable to use ‘alarmist’ language to scare people about climate change

Extinction Rebellion has defended its use of ‘alarmist’ language, saying when it comes to forcing debate on climate change, ‘it works’.

In an interview with the BBC’s Andrew Neil, Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Zion Lights defended the organisation’s warning that billions of people would die in a relatively short time period due to global climate change or its founder’s suggestion that children would die in the next 10-20 years.

Quizzed on where the numbers had come from, she said: “We don’t know exact numbers and it’s a little bit concerning to focus just how many deaths – there will be deaths and mass suffering…”

“You’re scaring people with this rhetoric”, Neil told his interviewee, to which she replied: “I think there’s a danger of scaring people simply because we’re not taking it seriously enough and people are feeling really desperate that we’re heard on this and unfortunately alarmist language works which is why we’re discussing it right now.”

Pushed on what Neil described as the organisation’s “apocalyptic predictions” and how much scientific backing they have, Lights said: “We’re not trying to use alarmist language, we’re listening to what scientists are saying and using language that is appropriate to the situation.”

There are certainly a few scientists involved with the Cult of Climastrology who are Alarmists, but, most try and take a measured approach to their language of Doom. It’s typically those who are not doing the science who take the prognostications of doom and turn them in EVERYBODY PANIC!!!!!! Is it any wonder that so many nutters are proclaiming they have eco/climate anxiety when all they hear is utter doom? That we only have 12 years left to avert Doom?

The group said its members planned to “peacefully occupy and shut down” the airport’s terminal building from 9am on Thursday by lying, sitting or gluing themselves in front of the departure and arrival gates at the east London airport.

People should just step on them.

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16 Responses to “Extinction Rebellion Says Using Alarmist Language Is Great “Cause It Works””

  1. Kye says:

    So they are committing fraud but that’s okay. “By any means necessary” is their motto after all.

  2. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    President Trump lies daily. Note too that his movement and supporters call Hispanic immigrants rapists and murderers. They demonize all Muslims. They call all Dems communists. They call global warming a hoax and that remediation will cost $93 trillion.

    Why do NuCons/NuGOPs commit this fraud? Because it works.

    Why do NuCons hold progressives to a higher standard? That’s rhetorical.

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Silly little sissybitch lies daily…
      all day long.

      Lolgfy lose https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

    • david7134 says:

      Everything you posted is a lie. I don’t understand why you do that. The people here are very intelligent, well read, and keep up with current afairs. You and John are the only individuals that are ignorant. So why do you post clear lies?

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        We’ve asked time and again to challenge any lie, but no one does except to say they’re all lies!

        • david7134 says:

          If I thought for one minute that you were equal to me or any of the other people here, then I would engage in an exchange. But as it is, you would not understand and would just post your usual Den talking points.

          Just suffice to say you rarely tell the truth and the other times you have zero background for your comments. You believe every hoax and can not see the evil in your elites.

          • Kye says:

            You called that one, david7134. Usually we vote for Republicans because we deem them to be the LEAST oppressive assholes running. Fredo votes for Democrats because he actually believes their bullshit.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            Excellent. Another commenter I can ignore!

        • formwiz says:

          Well, he’s right.

          They’re all lies. It’s why I go after them point by point every time I can.

    • formwiz says:

      President Trump lies daily. Note too that his movement and supporters call Hispanic immigrants rapists and murderers. They demonize all Muslims. They call all Dems communists. They call global warming a hoax and that remediation will cost $93 trillion.

      No, Trump is truthful. It’s why you clowns can’t lay a glove on him.

      And you generalize, but a lot of illegals are felons, the only Moslems you see are crazies, the Demos have been Commies for about 50 years (if not longer), and global nonsense is a lie.

      Why do NuCons/NuGOPs commit this fraud?

      Because it’s the truth.

      Why do NuCons hold progressives to a higher standard?

      They do? Where? When? That’s nothing more than delusion on your part.

      You guys are often the best comedy relief since Julie told Cleo, “The Ides have always been lucky for me”.

      • Kye says:

        Not only have the Demos been commies for fifty years but they’re personally responsible for bringing a slew of active anti American communists into the government to subvert our Republic.

        James Comey in a New York Magazine interview:
        “I’d moved from Communist to whatever I am now. I’m not even sure how to characterize myself politically. Maybe at some point, I’ll have to figure it out.”

        2.Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan actually did vote for a Communist presidential candidate. Brennan and Comey are two of the central players in the Russia Collusion Hoax.

        3.John Brennan (who was sworn in as CIA director on a draft of the US Constitution, without the Bill of Rights, instead of a Bible) said that while he had voted Communist, he wasn’t an official member of the Communist Party – and was relieved that he had been accepted into the CIA. Later however, he admitted to being a Mohammadan, prayer rug and all.

        Barack Hussein Obama. His Kenyan father was a communist, who met Obama’s mother, a radical leftist, in a Russian language class. Stanley Dunham, Obama’s white grandfather, chose a notorious member of the Communist Party to be Obama’s mentor, Frank Marshall Davis.

        Obama wrote in his memoir that in college, he sought out Marxist professors. A Marxist student at Occidental College, John Drew, confirms that Obama was a revolutionary Marxist in college. Drew recounts:

        Obama … believed that the economic stresses of the Carter years meant revolution was still imminent. The election of Reagan was simply a minor set-back[.] … As I recall, Obama repeatedly used the phrase “When the revolution comes…” “There’s going to be a revolution,” Obama said, “we need to be organized and grow the movement.” In Obama’s view, our role must be to educate others so that we might usher in more quickly this inevitable revolution. … Obama seemed to think their ideological purity was a persuasive argument in predicting that a coming revolution would end capitalism.

        Obama tells us the radical socialist conferences he attended before law school gave him his road map in life — i.e., their plan to put a stealth black candidate in the White House. Obama’s biggest job and his political career in Chicago were launched by self-avowed communist Bill Ayers. Obama’s run for state representative was as the handpicked successor of a socialist state representative, who was publicly active in communist circles. Obama’s calling in life was work as a hard-left Alinskyite radical agitator. Until he became president, Obama was a 20-year member of an openly Marxist church whose members had to take a pledge against the middle class. When did Obama reject Marxism?

        Valerie Jarrett is Obama’s closest personal adviser to the present day. She lived with the Obamas in the White House, had dinner with them nightly, and still lives with them in retirement!

        Her late father, James E. Bowman … was involved with communist front groups and was in contact with a paid Soviet agent in the 1950s who was wanted for espionage. Jarrett’s maternal grandfather, Robert Rochon Taylor, was investigated by the FBI for his membership in communist groups and his business relationship with the same Soviet agent[.] … Her late father-in-law, Vernon D. Jarrett, was assigned by the Communist Party USA to a special cultural arts cell … he was flagged by the FBI as an internal security risk to be swiftly arrested in the event of a hot war with the Soviet Union. The FBI also investigated his wife, Fernetta “Fern” Jarrett, for communist activities.

        Kengor discusses new documents obtained by Judicial Watch that show that Valerie Jarrett’s father was active on behalf of Stalin in fomenting racial divisiveness in America as a member of the American Committee for Protection of Foreign Born (ACPFB).

        ACPFB “was founded by the Communist Party in order to exploit racial divisions in the United States for its own revolutionary purposes.” Its modus operandi was to polarize Americans along racial lines in order to advance the Soviet agenda.”

        David Axelrod was the chief strategist for Obama’s presidential campaigns and a senior adviser in the White House. His mother worked for a communist newspaper. His father, according to Axelrod in his memoir, “listed his party affiliation as ‘Communist.'” Axelrod got his start in Chicago politics through working for hard-line Stalinist Soviet agents Harry and David Canter.

        The Canters were old hardline pro-Soviet communists, so much so that the senior Canter, Harry Jacob Canter, was actually brought to Moscow during the height of the Stalin period to work for the Soviet government as an official translator of Lenin’s writings. Harry was active in the old Industrial Workers of the World and had been secretary of the Boston Communist Party. He was not shy about his political enthusiasm. In 1930, he ran for governor of Massachusetts on the Communist Party ticket. After that, he sojourned to the Motherland, taking his entire family to Moscow with him, including his son David, who one day would come know [sic] David Axelrod… the Canters actually knew and worked with Obama’s old communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis[.] … Davis — again, Obama’s mentor — also knew and worked with Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather and father-in-law in Communist Party/left-wing circles in Chicago in the 1940s.)

        I could go on with Van Johnson and many many more but you get the idea. The leaders of our country, the elites, the guys who run shit have been replaced with communists and now also Mohammadans.

        Now they have introduced a new dimension to politicking: Businesses as political supporters. Recently it has become okay, even chic for businesses to insult and/or belittle customers because they don’t like their political choices. So now Dick’s is protected for being “anti gun” and the NBA is lauded for stopping free speech when it impunes their Chinese Communist overlords. Give me a break.

        Trump 2020 Get the commies out of America!

        • Elwood P. Dowd says:

          John Brennan DID vote for communist party candidate Gus Hall in 1976 as a protest vote. The rest is right wing propaganda.

          • david7134 says:

            And you know this how? Voting communist in the 70s is not a protest vote, it is stupid and Brennan is beyond stupid. He will be in jail soon.

          • formwiz says:

            Nobody votes Commie as a protest.

            A Commie Moslem. Nobody could invent that.

          • Kye says:

            That’s why you remain stone ignorant at your age, Fredo. Even when presented with the facts you chose to ignore them and attribute them to “right wing propaganda” when you fully know it’s the left that controls every single propaganda mill of worth in America and has since Duranty was sucking Stalin’s dick for the NYT.

            When did you “progressives” decide to become so closed minded you can’t eve look at the facts?

            Trump 2020 Get the commies out!

  3. formwiz says:

    Excellent. Another commenter I can ignore!

    Until you need to call somebody a racist.

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