Nutty Portland Mayor Candidate Has Ideas On Green New Deal

She has big transportation ideas,as she travels around Portland in a fossil fueled vehicle. Did you ever notice that the media doesn’t like to show these climate cultists arriving and leaving?

Big transportation ideas highlight Portland mayoral candidate’s ‘Green New Deal’ plan

Portland mayoral candidate Sarah Iannarone is no stranger to bold ideas. She spent years working at Portland State University leading educational tours for visiting leaders that focused on our city’s legacy of transformative urban planning decisions.

Now, as Iannarone campaigns to unseat Mayor Ted Wheeler, she’s unveiled a “Climate Justice” policy plan that would be transformative in its own right. Iannarone’s “Green New Deal” plan (PDF) comes out just two weeks after a City of Portland report found that carbon emissions from the transportation sector are “increasing dramatically.”

Let’s take a look at a few

 The plan would align citywide policy goals with Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reports.

It would measure progress not by miles of roads paved or hours of congestion reduced, but by “alternative measures” such as a “Happiness Index” that “reflect our values and goals as a community”.

Happiness Index. Wait, don’t a lot of people bike in Portland? Weren’t we told that would make them right wingers?

It would “shift power from city government and mainstream organizations to frontline communities” and convene an Intergenerational Climate Summit. Her plan would also “value local knowledge” by sending some funds directly to community organizations to create plans and projects.

So, wait, city government would lose power? And it would go to unelected special interest groups? How about the mayor’s office? Will it lose power? Not that I’m against reducing the power of government, but, this empowers people and groups that cannot be held accountable.

It would prohibit “all new fossil fuel infrastructure” including the I-5 Rose Quarter project.

So, no new roads? What about existing ones?

It’s all as nutty as you’d expect, as well as finding ways to control citizens.

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One Response to “Nutty Portland Mayor Candidate Has Ideas On Green New Deal”

  1. g.... says:

    Fortunately I don’t live in this hell-hole called PDX. I do work downtown on occasion. These nutballs want to eradicate vehicles and urinals. WTF!!!

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