Joe Biden Releases Gun Control Plan, Makes All New Guns Worthless

Sleepy Joe Biden has gone for the full confiscation route, but, his plan is almost as bad

Joe Biden releases gun plan that would reinstate assault weapons ban and establish a voluntary buyback program

Joe Biden’s campaign on Wednesday outlined a proposal to put new restrictions on gun sales and combat gun violence, packaging a series of ideas that he has spoken about on the campaign trail over the past several months.

Biden’s 11-page plan includes support for universal background checks and reinstating the assault weapons ban, which have widespread support from the Democratic presidential field.

His proposal calls for a voluntary buyback program of assault weapons, stopping short of candidates and advocates who are calling for a mandatory gun buyback.

His campaign would not specify how much he would propose the government offer for the military-style guns, or how many people they anticipate would voluntarily give up their firearms. Under Biden’s proposal, a gun owner would either have to sell the weapon to the government or register it.

If it’s registered it can be confiscated. Neither Australia nor New Zealand had registration, hence, they saw a tiny percent of firearms turned in.

Biden also proposes requiring new guns to include biometric technology that enables a gun to be used only by those authorized to do so, an idea he talks about frequently on the campaign trail.

“Why is it any violation of the First Amendment at all to say, from this moment on, every weapon we sold, every gun we sold in America, has to have your biometric marker on it?” Biden told reporters in August. “You can still buy a gun if you pass a background check. You go out there and you can own it, you can use it.”

But, there are almost no guns made with biometric technology, and those few made are almost worthless for protection, since they are .22 caliber handguns. Fun for plinking, not much for taking down a criminal. Will police officers be required to carry them? How about Joe’s Secret Service squad? How about for their rifles? No one is even considering making a biometric rifle. How about for shotguns and firearms made really for hunting?

Biden’s plan says that he would enact legislation giving states and local government grants to require individuals to obtain a license before purchasing a gun — although he has in the past been skeptical of the concept.

“Gun licensing will not change whether or not people buy what weapons — what kinds of weapons they can buy, where they can use them, how they can store them,” Biden said in June.

It makes it easier to deny, like what was happening in D.C. leading to the Heller decision.

Biden also favors rescinding a law that helps protect gun manufacturers from being held civilly liable for their products.

Which is an attempt to sue manufacturers out of business.

Axios has the PDF of the full plan, which also includes

Prohibiting the use of federal funds to arm or train educators to use guns in schools.

Which is interesting, since the same Democrats want to use federal funds for abortions. Joe, of course, wants to ban high capacity magazines, and force gun owners under federal law to make their firearms worthless for home protection by requiring “safe storage.”

He would also “prioritize prosecution of straw purchasers.” Will this include Barack Obama and Eric Holder for Operation Fast and Furious?

Let’s go back to the beginning of his plan. Typically, the first thing is the most important, right? The first thing is the aforementioned removing liability protection for gun manufacturers. Again, this means suing them out of existence (who will make guns for the police, military, and government agencies?). So, that seems to be the way Sleepy Joe is going with this.

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10 Responses to “Joe Biden Releases Gun Control Plan, Makes All New Guns Worthless”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    It’s Jocelyn Eldars’ old “safer guns and safer bullets” campaign. Seriously. The dems really have nothing new on any subject. Still trying to check the blocks on their old Soviet provided checklists.

  2. Doom and Gloom says:

    The left is desperate to remove guns from America. The 3 letter agencies are working overtime to make sure their shadow government remains in power.

    The Military Industrial Complex is more powerful than ever and while I advocate strongly for a powerful Military I do not advocate for USING it.

    Trump wants to pull out of Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria and EVEN the left is opposed. The left and the MSM are beating the drum for war with IRAN.

    WHY? MSM is controlled and owned by CORPORATIONS which gain greatly off the blood of our children.

    Why Do the democrats suddenly endorse military action. Oh wait they don’t. The MSM does so that two things can happen. THE MIC is assuaged, corporations, wall street and big banks rake in the profits and THE LEFT CAN MARCH IN THE STREET CALLING TRUMP HILTER!!!!!

    Remember who was beating the drum for war in 2003 when Bush Invaded IRAQ? YEP the MSM. They were all on board…. Whooppeeee they cried. OUR handlers get to use all these fancy weapons they have been dying to try out.

    Meanwhile Bush was destroyed over time by the endless war, the left blames the Right for the wars when everyone voted for it and the MSM pounded the table for it.

    Its all a shadow game and we are all pawns. George Soros is a master. He works both sides of this. He funds anti american interests and AGW rebellion while at the same time buying up coal stocks all over the world.

    Only a few people get this stuff. Try Rubin Report, Tim Pool, Jimmy Dore all leftists and all hep to what is happening in the world and America. They get it. We are pawns by the shadow government.

    Elwood is now becoming their chief cheerleader as are millions of other leftists, while trump is trying to expose this shit, they have bought into the racist, white nationalist meme in order for the corporations and silicon valley to continue to USE Americans for their own good. While these billionaire bastards fund AGW in the USA they drill oil in Brazil.

    What a country we have allowed to be created inside our own country.

    • D&G,
      You have a fundamental error in logic. You are parroting a very old point of view about war profiteering. The fact is, in modern America, corporations can make just as much money supplying military that never goes to war as they ever did going to war. In the history of war, Every war, even victorious ones, war impoverishes everyone involved. The longer the war goes on, the deeper the poverty goes. The ideal situation is to be the supplier for a war that someone else is fighting.

      The other fundamental error in judgement is not being able to tell that corporations don’t exist. Corporations don’t make Judgements. They don’t have agendas, motives, or greed. Only people can have those things. Every corporation has people in charge of it and the motives of those companies match the motives of those people. As the people change, so do the motives. Very likely, the people in charge of Boeing, would be just as happy on their commissions from building passenger jets as they are from building military cargo jets. But in any case, it is Congress, on behalf of the American people, who decide how much stuff to buy. Not the so-called MIC. The Air force will tell you they have enough C-17s. The Army will tell you they have enough tanks. The Navy will tell you they have enough submarines. CONGRESS tells them all to shut up and color. none of this is done by any sort of shadow government. It is done by elected officials who have names. Those names are known and they operate according to established very public procedures. We know who these people are.

      • Professor Hale says:

        I actually remember the 2003 war in Iraq. The MSM was very much against it. I remember Cindy Sheahan getting a lot more press than her story deserved. I remember the constant “Bush lied, people died” drum beat. I even remember human shields going to Iraq to stand in front of government buildings to keep America from bombing them. I remember the daily update in the news of how many casualties there were. This wasn’t that long ago. You should remember it too.

        • Doom and Gloom says:

          In some regards you are correct.

          Vote for the war in iraq. 296-133 in the house. 77-23 in the senate.

          Mar 20, 2013 – WASHINGTON — In the months leading up to the Iraq War, The Washington Post ran 27 editorials in favor of invasion of Iraq.

          Public support for the war has eroded. In December 2003, 64 percent of Americans said the United States did the right thing in taking military action in Iraq and 28 percent said the United States should have stayed out.

          Why did we go to Iraq? WMD’s.

          Opinion piece of the NEW YORK TIMES:

          A new war against Iraq may not be a rerun of the low-casualty 1991 campaign to liberate Kuwait. This time, with the survival of his regime on the line, Mr. Hussein may not be as easily deterred from using his hidden stocks of anthrax, botulinum toxin and VX nerve gas.

          Even they agreed their were hidden WMD’s in Iraq yet they spent the next years destroying Bush when none were found.

          The most popular cable network in the United States for news on the war was Fox News, and had begun influencing other media outlets’ coverage.[2] Fox News is owned by Rupert Murdoch, a strong supporter of the war.[3][4] On-screen during all live war coverage by Fox News was a waving flag animation in the upper left corner and the headline “Operation Iraqi Freedom” along the bottom


          MSNBC also brought the American flag back on screen and regularly ran a tribute called “America’s Bravest” which showed photographs sent by family members of troops deployed in Iraq.[9] MSNBC also fired liberal Phil Donahue, a critic of Bush’s Iraq policy,[10] a month before the invasion began and replaced his show with an expanded Countdown: Iraq, initially hosted by Lester Holt.[11] Shortly after Donahue’s firing, MSNBC hired Michael Savage, a controversial conservative radio talk show host for a Saturday afternoon show.

          In separate incidents, at least three different Western reporters were fired or disciplined due to their actions in covering the war. Peter Arnett, an NBC and National Geographic correspondent, was fired for giving an interview with Iraqi officials in which he questioned the United States’ role and saying the “first war plan had failed.”[16] Brian Walski of the Los Angeles Times was fired on March 31 for altering a photo of a U.S. soldier warning Iraqi civilians to take cover from an Iraqi aerial bombing.[17] Geraldo Rivera left Iraq after drawing a crude map in the sand during a live broadcast on Fox News, which raised concerns at the Pentagon that he was possibly revealing vital troop movements on air.

          There are 100’s of pages of these and I was there too. I remember what I remember. The MSM was shouting from the rooftops until the war went south and then they turned once the war was no longer giving them money and they started making money by BEING against the war.

          I’m not sure what you remember but you and I are talking about two differing things.

          Democrats in general were OPPOSED to the war. The MAIN STREAM MEDIA was in favor because Fox showed it was PROFITABLE to be in favor of the war.

          As for the MIC. No, you do not make as much money in peacetime as you do war time. Your on crack if you think that. When your not expending ordinance, there is only so many bullets you can sell before your contract is fulfilled. It is not a popular misconception. It is the truth. Wars fill the coffers of the MIC. Peacetime does not.

          • Every one of America’s aircraft carriers was built during peacetime. Our entire fleet of C-17’s, F-22’s, F-35’s, F-18’s, F-16s, B-1’s and B-2s were designed, authorized and built during peacetime. Our entire fleet of armored vehicles were designed, authorized and bought using peacetime appropriations. Not a single dollar was justified because “we are at war”. The largest expense for DoD is personnel, including retirees, dependent schools, and health care. That is a sunk cost every year related to the number of people. Even the really expensive stuff was mostly taken from storage and was bought for the unforeseen future war. Their replacement stock was also mostly for another unforeseen future contingency. Very little is bought on an emergency basis to support the war right now because expensive military stocks don’t get built and delivered “right now”. Everything we are buying right now, this year, is for a mythical future war that may never happen, like defending Korea for the past 70 years. Defense companies know this and compete for those dollars on a routine basis. They make profits EVERY year, not just when we are at war. It is also illustrative to look up the Higgins boat company some time. it is worth mentioning that I do this for a living.

  3. alanstorm says:

    “Why is it any violation of the First Amendment at all to say, from this moment on, every weapon we sold, every gun we sold in America, has to have your biometric marker on it?”

    It’s not, Joe. It’s a violation of the SECOND Amendment.

    And lefties are saying TRUMP has mental issues?

    • Professor Hale says:

      It’s because the whole point of such a law is to make private gun ownership more expensive for the public. The Government won’t have any problems paying as much as they need for guns, they will just tax the public as mush as they need to pay the higher prices that they themselves forced.

  4. ns says:

    Voluntary buyback: 1. It’s not a buyback as the government didn’t sell them to the people in the first place.
    2. It would be at a price the government sets, i.e., most likely not what the individual had paid.
    3. Voluntary: or else face jail time.
    4. Even the money comes from the taxpayers.
    So let’s tax Jo(e) Taxpayer an additional $100 for every gun in the house and pay $80 per gun for the buyback. The remainder is for the record keeping (bureaucracy).

  5. Doom and Gloom says:


    It is also illustrative to look up the Higgins boat company some time. it is worth mentioning that I do this for a living.

    So you’re a deep stater? Defending the status quo? I can see why you would defend the MIC if you work for the MIC.

    but you would have us believe that NOTHING has been built in the last 19 years while we have been at war in three countries and in shadow ops in a number of others. I beg to differ. The MIC is a leech on this nation and we were warned by Eisenhower as he left the office. Even Ross Perot a MIC billionaire changed the elections in 1992 and 1996 giving it to Clinton who then TOOK US TO WAR in Bosnia as well as killing a rather large number of soldiers in Somalia.

    More than two years after presidential candidate Bill Clinton called for negotiated limits on conventional arms transfers-approximately $50 billion worth of U.S. arms sales later-his administration completed its long-awaited review of U.S. arms export policy. Although Clinton criticized the Bush administration during the campaign for failing to initiate a conventional arms control process (see ACT, March 1992), as president he has now decided that the United States should, in fact, maintain its role as the predominant weapons merchant in the world.

    China, Russia, and the United States compete daily for sales of weapons around the world. Pretty obvious as we peddle weapons around the world that the MIC remains a very lucrative business and the shadow governments are always stirring up conflicts even if it doesnt include our own military. Money is only made when their is blood in the street.

    If you remember the Bush admin in the ’90s started cutting our armed forces around the world including drawing down our forces in Europe by drastic Amounts. Ross Perot went after Bush to get him out of the office for reasons other than what he suggested.

    The work of the shadow government is legion and you should note that at one time I stayed at a holiday inn express.

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