Kamala Harris Is Super Excited To Support The Green New Deal, Whatever It Is Or Something

This should make Warmists happy, since ‘climate change’ was mentioned during both debates. But, they won’t be, as the time spent on Hotcoldwetdry, what they are now referring to as the “climate crisis”, was small

The Green New Deal Finally Makes a Debate Appearance

A number of Democratic primary candidates have proclaimed their support for the Green New Deal or something like it. But the first person to actually endorse it on the debate stage either Wednesday or Thursday night was Senator Kamala Harris of California. (Former Governor John Hickenlooper was the first to mention the idea, saying that he “admired the sense of urgency” but that “we can’t promise every American a government job.”) Asked by Chuck Todd to describe her climate-change plan, Harris replied briskly and corrected his terms: The rapid warming of the planet should be called the “climate crisis” because “it’s an existential threat to us as a species.” She mentioned visiting the site of last year’s wildfires in California “while the embers were smoldering.”

Well, she got her talking points about the climate crisis. Too bad those wildfires in California were caused by downed power wires from the power company, not a tiny increase in carbon dioxide.

“That’s why I support a Green New Deal,” she said. “It’s why on day one as president, I will reenter us into the Paris Agreement.”

But what kind of Green New Deal would she support? How much federal spending would she want to authorize? Does she, like Elizabeth Warren or Jay Inslee, want to turn the United States into a major exporter of green technology? She didn’t say. She quickly pivoted away from climate change as a topic. “You asked what is the greatest national-security threat to the United States. It’s Donald Trump,” she said. “You want to talk about North Korea, a real threat in terms of its nuclear arsenal. He embraces Kim Jong Un.” She mentioned Vladimir Putin before Todd regained control of the conversation.

It was not the strongest of her moments. Asked to describe her climate plan, Harris alluded to two policies—one of them more a brand than a specific agenda—and then started talking about Putin. The moment exemplified the awkwardness that basically all the candidates seem to feel when talking about climate change. As Justin Worland, a writer at Time, tweeted: “There’s a marked difference in the fluidity of the way moderators and candidates talk about climate change versus how they talk about other issues.” Not many of the folks onstage, journalists included, seem as comfortable with climate policy as they do with Medicare for All. They all know they should care, but they’re not sure where to go after that.

Probably because they know that, again, ‘climate change’ plays well in theory, not practice, so, why learn the nuts and bolts? These are sound bites to show the Cult of Climastrology members that They Care.

Democrats Dodged An Important Question: Who Pays For Trillion-Dollar Climate Change Plans?

Democratic presidential candidates eagerly touted their costly climate change plans during the first primary debate, but tip-toed around the questions of how they would pay for trillions in spending.

Roughly seven minutes of Wednesday night’s primary debate were devoted to climate change questions. Democratic presidential candidates were eager to tout their climate change plans, but tip-toed around the question of how to pay for them.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee and Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said their plans would create millions of green jobs, with Warren saying there will be a $23 trillion green product market to take advantage of in the future.

However, neither Inslee nor Warren put a price tag on their climate change plans during the debate. Inslee did say his plan could save Miami from climate change.

Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro dodged when asked by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd “who pays for the mitigation to climate?” Castro, instead, talked about his record as San Antonio mayor trying to phase out coal plants and actions as HUD secretary.

Nor did anyone else from that first debate say how they were going to pay for it. Probably The Rich, right? Because that’s their standard answer. Anyone with half a brain knows that it means “all Americans” will see their cost of living skyrocket and their liberty infringed.

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    One has to wonder how many c*cks Kommie-la had to suck to get where she is today. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

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        This is the bestest democrat primary ever! Just the bestest! What a group of privileged A-holes! How many of theses democrats ever held a real job outside of government? But they represent the working guy!

        Trump 2020 Save America Now.

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