Republicans Need To Change Their Product In People’s Republik Of California Or Something

See, the problem isn’t that Modern Socialists, people Dependent on Government, SJWs, and virtue signalers dominate the more urban areas of California, many of them having been taught this stuff in the Democratic Party run schools, leading to control of California by Democrats. No, see, it’s that Republicans aren’t taking Democrat positions, per George Skelton at the LA Times

Republicans need to change their product. Californians aren’t buying it

Politics is like private enterprise. You either sell your product or perish.

California voters have not been buying Republican merchandise. So Democrats have monopolized the market.

It’s not the fault of consumers for not liking what the GOP has been peddling. Nor should the Democratic retailers be blamed.

The Republican Party is culpable for not adjusting to the changing California marketplace.(snip)

I called former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a centrist Republican who famously warned a GOP state convention in 2007 that “in movie terms, we are dying at the box office. We are not filling the seats.”

See, it’s the Republicans fault that they aren’t offering what California’s want

“What you need to do is to be competitive,” he said. “It’s like a business, right? The ones that offer the best service are the ones who get the most business. Same with the party. The party that has the most answers to problems, they’re getting the action, the votes.”

Schwarzenegger said voters particularly wanted answers to problems of healthcare, education and climate change, and Republicans aren’t providing them.

“They’re extremely important to women,” he added. (snip)

Last week I asked (Assemblyman Chad) Mayes what the GOP needed to do. He says it needs to do more than just oppose taxes.

“I don’t know anyone who doesn’t believe Republicans aren’t the anti-tax party,” he said. “Obviously that isn’t enough. It doesn’t have the same impact it did in 1978” — when voters passed the property tax-lowering Proposition 13 — “or the mid-’90s.”

Mayes said Republicans should advocate more efficient education spending and embrace immigrants.

Immigrants “get the message,” he added, “that Republicans want to deport their parents and grandparents. It’s a repellent.”

This is what Skelton and Republican squishes are calling the “practical center”: amnesty for illegal aliens, raising taxes, ‘climate change’ legislation and all that comes with it, government paying for all healthcare, and abortion on demand.

California Republicans need to change their product.

If they change it to basically be Democrat, or Democrat lite, then they are no longer Republicans.

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3 Responses to “Republicans Need To Change Their Product In People’s Republik Of California Or Something”

  1. MrToad says:

    At this point, California republicans are just looking to limit the damage until they can bail out like their wealthier counterparts have. The real shock will be when the California DNC goes from being ran by rich, old, white politicians from San Francisco & Los Angeles to young latinos farther to the left then Pelosi.

    California has a population of 37.2 million people. 21.4 million are white. Of those, 14 Million (65%, 37.6% of total state population) are latino and that number is going up. That leaves 7.4 million (20%) non-hispanic whites in California who are now the supposed ‘ruling class’ in that state. That number is going down.

    One could assume that California’s black population will stay in their lane and vote straight democrat party ticket like they always have. That’s another 6% of the state.

    Toss in a little vote ‘harvesting’ and it’s going to be hard if not impossible for republicans to do much in California…..ever.

  2. Kye says:

    You called it MrToad. The Democrats gerrymandered, stole, bought and cheated their way into a One Party Socialist state in Cali. “Vote harvesting” is just another of their voter fraud incarnations and seems to be the best they have other than motor/voter fraud with non citizens and the old stand by “I found these six boxes of ALL Democrat votes in my trunk” Al Franken employed.

    The object of the New Democrat Socialist Communist Party is not to defeat Republicans or even conservatives but to ELIMINATE them all together. You can see how visibly insane our own leftist contributors here have become with their Trump Derangement Syndrome going to and maintaining a level Ten on the crazy scale so just imagine our fate should they win in 2020. If history is any lesson to what happens when leftists take over our lives, our families, our property and our rights won’t be worth a 3000% inflated dime. All the seething hate, threats, severed heads, beatings and physical attacks we’ve sen perpetrated by the left will become policy. Lawfare will become policy. Censorship on the internet will become policy. Gun confiscation will become policy. I could go on but since the 17th amendment states have no power and the 10th has been erased de facto. We will be deplatformed, defunded and denounced as citizens and aliens will be the new majority. By 2030 any and all opposition will cease to exist and soon thereafter America will be just another third world shitehole.

    These are the “people” the Democrats have chosen to represent them. Criminals and anti American terrorist one and all. And you can add the Mohammadans and communists in the Dem Party to this group.

  3. alanstorm says:

    “Republicans need to change their product. Californians aren’t buying it”

    …which is why CA is in such a sorry state (pun unintentional).

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