Chicago School To Spend $53k To Reprint Yearbooks With “White Supremacist” Hand Sign Or Something

Has no one explained that they are being punked? That it is not a white supremacist sign? That it was a joke that they fell for? That it is something completely different? If so, they didn’t listen

High school reprints yearbooks after students seen flashing alleged racist signs

A Chicago high school will reprint its 2018-19 yearbooks at a cost of $53,794 after 18 photographs show students making a hand gesture associated with white nationalism, according to reports.

Students of “various races, ethnicities, genders and grades” were seen flashing the upside-down “OK,” schools chief Joylynn Pruitt-Adams told parents, students and staff in an email Monday about the Oak Park and River Forest HS, according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

“The photos in question, as well as other club/team photos in which students are striking poses and making gestures, will be replaced with straight-forward group shots,” Pruitt-Adams wrote about the 1,750 copies of “Tabula.”

Wait, so students of various races and ethnicities are dropping “white supremacy” hand signs? What are, in the real world, known as an OK sign for who knows how long?

The hand gesture has at times been used in the popular “circle game,” in which pranksters holds the circle below their waists to make others look at it, but it has more recently become associated with the white supremacist movement.

Which is what they were. Does this mean the students get to punch the idiots who made this decision on the schoolbooks in the shoulder? That’s the penalty for noticing.

Members of the online group 4chan first began using the symbol as a means of tricking others into thinking they were seeing “white power” symbols everywhere.

Groups like the Anti-Defamation League have said the gesture has come to signify an authentic hate symbol.

No, it really hasn’t, except in the minds of moonbats.

One of the school board members voted against reprinting the books, because

“One of my biggest concerns: that if we toss out these 1,750 Tabulas, rather than come to the thoughtful conclusion that they should still be distributed, we are playing right into the hands of all the haters whose evil is at the root of this corrosive and divisive angst — and worse — that we are experiencing,” he said on Facebook.

Playing the circle game is hate and evil? Good grief. It’s no wonder kids are becoming lunatics when their elders teach them this.

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2 Responses to “Chicago School To Spend $53k To Reprint Yearbooks With “White Supremacist” Hand Sign Or Something”

  1. Dana says:

    The school district is de-Northamizing the yearbooks, so that none of their students will have to worry about some high school stupidity derailing their careers thirty-odd years from now.

    Which means, of course, that the Official Representatives of Accredited Victim Groupsâ„¢ will try to obtain copies of the old yearbook, to keep on file, just in case someone from the class is ever nominated by a Republican to any office.

  2. Kye says:

    I wouldn’t worry. There won’t be any Republicans in thirty years it will be a one party system and guess which party. Or Occasional-Cotex is right and the world will have ended (or turned into a giant cauliflower).

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