Latest Warmist Idea: Nine Hour Work Week To Stop Hotcoldwetdry

So, who’s going to pay for all the modern lifestyles?

From the screed

People across Europe will need to work drastically fewer hours to avoid disastrous climate heating unless there is a radical decarbonising of the economy, according to a study.

The research, from thinktank Autonomy, shows workers in the UK would need to move to nine-hour weeks to keep the country on track to avoid more than 2C of heating at current carbon intensity levels. Similar reductions were found to be necessary in Sweden and Germany.

The findings are based on OECD and UN data on greenhouse gas emissions per industry in the three countries. It found that at current carbon levels, all three would require a drastic reduction in working hours as well as urgent measures to decarbonise the economy to prevent climate breakdown.

Hilariously, on page one of that “study”, we see “As early as the 1880s, Paul Lafargue, a son-in-law of Karl Marx, put forth the demand for a three-hour work day…” If you’re starting out with a link to Karl Marx, thinks are going downhill from there.

And to answer my original question, no, there is no mention as to what happens financially when people are working less than 10 hours a week, which is what the short “paper” wants to happen.

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One Response to “Latest Warmist Idea: Nine Hour Work Week To Stop Hotcoldwetdry”

  1. JGlanton says:

    Millionaires and billionaires will pay for the worker’s other 31 hours per week.

    Of course that pot of gold will run out in days when the rich guys are also working 9 hour weeks.

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