Warmists Sue Australia For Violating Human Rights Or Something

A relatively new tactic to attempt to do….something. They don’t really say what

Complaint Charges Australia with Human Rights Violations over Climate Change

A group of indigenous Australians have brought a legal complaint against the Australian government for violating their human rights by contributing to climate change.

The complaint, filed by indigenous people from the Torres Strait Islands to the United Nations Human Rights Committee, alleges the government’s inadequate response to the climate crisis is a violation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), the world’s oldest human rights treaty. It is the first climate change case in Australia based on human rights claims and it is believed to be the first in the world brought by residents of low-lying islands against a national government.

The Torres Strait Islands are located between the northern tip of Queensland, Australia and the southern edge of Papua New Guinea. Climate change threatens the islands, which experience regular flooding because of sea level rise, and the islanders’ sacred cultural sites.

Fearing that their home and way of life could disappear, the Torres Strait Islanders are seeking legal recourse. Eight islanders from four different islands submitted their complaint on Monday. The Human Rights Committee monitors nations’ compliance with the ICCPR. The islanders’ complaint alleges that Australia violated their rights under the treaty, including the right to life and culture and the right to be free from arbitrary interference with privacy, family and home.

Notice that the link for “threatens the island” actually doesn’t offer proof, just a link to the groups petition. Nor is any actual scientific proof offered anywhere. What is the actual sea rise in that area? I’ve been searching, and can’t find any actual data anywhere. Let me know if you do. Most northern Australia stations are limited in term, same with Papau New Guinea. New Zealand helps a tiny bit. The whole area seems to be below one foot of rise a century, which is less than one would expect for a Holocene warm period. A UK Guardian scaremongering article even admitted “The precise sea level rise around the Torres Strait, and the projected inundation, has not been calculated…” They haven’t scientifically proven that this is all caused by Mankind, just assumed it. Usually because they want money.

A decision by the Human Rights Committee would not be legally binding, but could exert significant moral pressure on the Australian government to comply.

OK, so no more use of fossil fuels for the islanders? They’re cool with bringing stuff in by sailing ship?

The Torres Strait Islanders’ case is part of a growing global climate justice movement seeking to hold governments and fossil fuel companies accountable. The first successful climate lawsuit came when Dutch citizens won a ruling in 2015 compelling the government of the Netherlands live up to its promised emissions reductions. That case inspired others, including the landmark youth-led case Juliana v. United States. The Philippines Commission on Human Rights is also investigating the role of 47 fossil fuel corporations in causing climate change and potentially violating human rights. Another Pacific island nation, Vanuatu, has indicated interest in pursuing climate liability litigation against fossil fuel companies and the governments that support them.

And yet these same people keep using fossil fuels in their own lives. Go figure.

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  1. Professor Hale says:

    I notice they aren’t suing China and India, major sources of all sorts of air and water pollution.

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