Surprise: Democrats Having A Tough Time Getting Trump To Comply With Their TDS Infused Probes

What in the world made Democrats think that Team Trump and The Donald were going to cooperate with probes based on being unhinged from losing the 2016 election?

Dems struggle to make Trump bend on probes

Cummings and Neal look pretty bummed that Trump is blowing them off like girls not asked to the prom

House Democrats are struggling to find a way to make the Trump administration pay for refusing to cooperate with their investigations.

Democrats want to pursue aggressive oversight of Trump instead of impeachment, but the president’s stone wall hasn’t left them many openings. And the frustrations are showing.

The House Judiciary Committee voted Wednesday to hold Attorney General William Barr in contempt of Congress for not complying with subpoenas for documents related to special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

After the Treasury Department refused to hand over Trump’s tax returns this week, House Ways and Means Committee Chairman Richard Neal (D-Mass.) said the fight will likely go straight to the courts.

“They don’t seem to be responding to a lot of subpoenas around here,” said Neal, who plans to meet with House counsel on Thursday to discuss his options. “I did say this was going to end up in the courts. And that’s where it’s heading.”

But, even when court shopping, will courts side with probes that aren’t based on things the administration has done, but, simply because Trump won in 2016 and Dems have Trump Derangement Syndrome? This isn’t like Republicans subpoenaing material on Operation Fast and Furious, an op that led to the woundings and killings of hundreds of Americans and Mexicans, including children and two American federal agents. Team Obama slow-walked everything, used executive privileged, and AG Eric Holder stonewalled, leading to a contempt of Congress charge. Democrats are still going full bore on Russia Russia Russia, despite losing the narrative on collusion, conspiracy, and obstruction with the Mueller report, which cannot be released in a full, unredacted manner per law passed by Congress.

Trump’s taxes? A fishing expedition, which you know would be leaked to attempt to embarrass Trump. Trump officials show up for Congressional panels all the time on legitimate issues. Democrats just want revenge for Hillary losing fair and square, but, hey, they should keep it up, because it guarantees Trump will win in 2020.

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7 Responses to “Surprise: Democrats Having A Tough Time Getting Trump To Comply With Their TDS Infused Probes”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    So let’s get this straight. Earlier Trump said the unredacted Mueller Report should be released because it completely exonerated him. NO COLLUSION! NO OBSTRUCTION!

    Now he demands that the document that completely exonerated him NOT be released. Is he worried it will exonerate him even more? LOL.

  2. Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

    With the Democrats still trying to throw a Hail-Mueller Pass with time out on the scoreboard and with the economy humming, it’s time to confront the central issue: “Has Donald Trump been an awful, OK, or great president?”

    Yep let’s get this straight little missy.

  3. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    ‘Because people have got to know whether or not their president is a crook.’ – Richard (Dick) Nixon

    There’s a number of good reasons why Trump lied about releasing his tax returns, as has been the custom. We should all understand that he had no intention of ever releasing them.

    Has he cheated on his taxes? Highly likely.
    Underreported income?
    Overstated losses?
    Payments from questionable sources? Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan
    Money laundering for Russian oligarchs and crooks from all around the globe?
    Did he not pay taxes most years?

    • Kye says:

      All of which are illegal and if he were stupid enough to put them in writing on his tax returns he’d be in prison no and not in the White House. You really must think we’re all as stupid as leftists when you regurgitate that crap. None of you expect to find, fraud, conspiracy or any other crimes in a set of tax forms filed with thee government and if you do you’re idiots. What you want is to pick apart his taxes and ridicule and mock them just like you recently did with the felonious release of his 1984-1995 returns. All the left did was bitch and moan about Trump losing over a billion dollars like it was something new and not already in his book for ten years.

      We realize if Trumps taxes show he made a billion bucks the “he must have cheated” like you stated above. If he lost a billion he is an idiot who can’t handle money. If he paid taxes they will either be not enough or he “took write-offs” like nobody else does.

      It’s all a sham with you guys to try and destabilize the US government. It’s a coup you want and as your leaders have been saying for over two years now “By any Means”. You are no more than a party of communists, fascists, nazis and theocrats united to bring down America. You’ve been on the same crusade since 1860 and you haven’t changed.

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