Surprise: Half Of Americans Agree That Mueller Probe Is A Witch Hunt

So far, the collusion narrative has failed. Everyone busted by Team Mueller has been busted over old stuff, stuff that has nothing to do really with Russia and/or collusion, or process crimes, ie, crimes that wouldn’t have happened without the actual Russia Russia Russia probe

Poll: More Americans Think Mueller’s Probe Is a ‘Witch Hunt’ Against Trump

Half of Americans agree with President Trump that Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is a “witch hunt” and that he has been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics, according to a poll published on Monday.

That is more than 47 percent of Americans who disagree, according to the new poll, conducted by USA Today/Suffolk University Poll. Just three percent did not have an opinion.

The poll also showed that trust in Mueller’s investigation has “eroded.”

“Even among people who said they had ‘some’ trust in the Mueller investigation, half agreed with President Trump’s witch hunt allegation,” David Paleologos, director of the Suffolk Political Research Center, told USA Today.

Broken down by political party, eighty-six percent of Republicans said Trump was a victim of a witch hunt, 54 percent percent of Independents, and 14 percent of Democrats.

And, if that almost two year report turns into a big nothingburger, those Independents are going to be wondering why Democrats have been screaming about collusion since Hillary lost in 2016, and wasting our time and taxpayer money.

Sixty-two percent of Americans say the House should not seriously consider impeaching Trump, compared with 54 percent last October.

There are also divided views on House Democrats’ sweeping investigation of the president, his family, and his ssociates. Forty-nine percent of those polled said Democrats are doing the right thing, but 46 percent said they are going too far.

And Democrats will be doing both things during the run up to the 2020 elections, which will drive more people over to Trump’s side. They may not like Trump, they may think he’s sleazy, but they’ll rather have Trump than a crazy Democrat.

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8 Responses to “Surprise: Half Of Americans Agree That Mueller Probe Is A Witch Hunt”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    How would you describe your own political viewpoint – very liberal, liberal, moderate, conservative, very conservative? {ROTATE .1-.5 ASCENDING TO DESCENDING} (N=1,000) n %
    Very liberal ———————————————————- 75 7.50
    Liberal ————————————————————- 150 15.00
    Moderate ———————————————————— 366 36.60
    Conservative ——————————————————– 200 20.00
    Very Conservative —————————————————-151 15.10

    Here’s the actual double question regarding the “witch hunt”:

    President Trump has called the Special Counsel’s investigation a “witch hunt” and said he’s been subjected to more investigations than previous presidents because of politics. Do you agree?

    And this:

    How important to you is it that the Justice Department release to the public all of the report being submitted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller – very important, somewhat important, not particularly important, or not at all important? (N=1,000) n %
    Very important ————————————————— 618 61.80
    Somewhat important ———————————————– 206 20.60

    That’s 82% that think Mr. Mueller’s report should be released to the American public.

    How much trust do you have in President Trump’s denial that there was collusion in his campaign with Russian meddling – a lot of trust, some trust, little or no trust? (N=1,000) n %
    A lot of trust ——————————————————- 304 30.40
    Some trust ———————————————————– 130 13.00
    Little or no trust ————————————————— 517 51.70
    How much trust do you have in special counsel Robert Mueller and his investigation to be fair and accurate – a lot of trust, some trust, little or no trust? (N=1,000) n %
    A lot of trust ——————————————————- 280 28.00
    Some trust ———————————————————– 266 26.60
    Little or no trust ————————————————— 355 35.50

    • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:

      Ergo half of the Americans polled agree Mueller’s on a witch hunt.

      • Elwood P. Dowd says:

        Only 22% of those polled identified as liberal.

        Yet, in the same poll 82% of Americans want to see the results of the “witch hunt”, which Trump is working hard to block.

        In the same poll 54% of Americans said they trust Mr. Mueller, and only 43% said they trust Trump.

        This “witch hunt” has bagged a lot of witches, with more to follow.

        • Kye says:

          This witch hunt bagged “a lot of witches”? That’s a lot of innocent people as witch hunts are prone to do. But it makes the terrified leftists feel like big men to throw old folks into prison for process crimes. Nothing shows the power and determination of the banana republic as well as CNN covering the arrest of an old man in his underwear surrounded by a SWAT team. Boy, those leftists are real tough guys. They even scared the sh!t out of his wife just …cause! But not witches had anything to do with Russia, Russia, Russia. No conspiracies. unless those between the Deep State, Omummer and Hildabeast count (and they don’t-Democrats always get a pass). So far the communist left have managed to breach the confidentiality between lawyer and client by taking all of Trumps attorney files. That should help them whn the Show Trials Begin. The lefts movement toward one party rule and the complete tyranny of the people moves inexorably on. The real victims are Truth, Law and the Republic. But that was the left’s goal all along.

          • Elwood P. Dowd says:

            The GOP impeached President Clinton over a process crime.

            What part of “obeying the law” do they not understand?

            Is Trump’s Campaign Chairman, Manafort, innocent? A jury didn’t think so.

            Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen?

            Trump’s National Security Advisor, Michael Flynn took a plea deal, pleading guilty to lying to the FBI regarding being potentially compromised by Russian intelligence, in exchange for his cooperation in the Russia investigation. Why did Flynn lie about his contacts with the Russians?

            Trump’s position is that he was the only one in his orbit NOT to have contact with or know anything about everyone else’s contacts with Russians.

            The taking of Cohen’s files was perfectly legal and overseen by a judge. (Of course to the far-right all judges are Deep State commies). It has been ordered by a judge that redacted versions of the warrants etc be released as soon as today.

            Who’s innocent? Do you think foreign governments should be allowed to influence US national elections??

            Don Jr., Kushner, Manafort, Cohen, Flynn, Stone, Papadopolous, at least 27 Russians, the NRA, Gates, Assange… Why so many Russian contacts? Why did they all lie about the contacts? You can understand why Americans would be concerned, right?

        • formwiz says:

          It has?

          Indictments aren’t convictions and most of those “bagged” are Russians Mule Ears has shown no interest in prosecuting.

          Dunno which poll you’re looking at, but USA Today, who commissioned the poll, says trust in Mule Ears is down 5 to 28.

    • formwiz says:

      Harvey omits the fact the same poll says over half of Americans say Trump is the victim of a witch hunt.

      Then again, only 500 registered voters sampled, so it’s a joke, anyway.

  2. StillAlive says:

    Don’t trust a poll that has more conservatives than liberals. The thing that is most telling in this for Senate GOP’ers who voted against trumps border wall led by MITT ROMNEY. You know that guy who uses cheap labor and illegals to take over companies, gut them and sell them off.

    The vulture capitalist who somehow managed to con his way into a position to be nominated as GOP presidential candidate 4 years after they nominated McCain who bought an paid for the Steele Dossier, handed it to the FBI and then let HRC have it who continued to use the LIES and filth paid for by McCain.

    This is why these GOP senators should be very afraid…..86 PERCENT OF REPUBLICANS agree and yet these never trumpers are climbing in numbers not diminishing. By Never trumpers I mean those in positions of power. Jeb LETS START ANOTHER WAR Bush calls for primarying Trump but is too cowardly to do it himself.

    George W. Bush was a coward who hid in the White House, got in his plane and ran when they started crashing planes into buildings and used his privledge to dodge Vietnam. McCain was a POW. His only claim to fame. I wont disparage that, I will only disparage his views once he was elected to congress. He was always the Maverick he portended anyway and now his daughter is tearfully bashing Trump cause her daddy’s honor was impugned cause Trump said he liked heros that didnt get captured…….LOLOLOLOL. Gawd.

    Almost every person who asked Trump to campaign for them won in 2018. Almost everyone with a few exceptions who refused his help….LOST. These never Trumpers and the LEFT are paralyzed by the power Trump wields because he does exactly what he says he will do. He doesn’t bullshit around. He will step on, over, around and thru anyone standing in his way to get things done and all his failures has been because the GOP and the ORANGE MAN BAD PARTY OF COMMUNISTS refuse to help America.

    I personally am surprised that Mitch McConnell has stood with the president as much as he has. Remember their was a server set up which had Pence/Ryan 2016 as its header. Ryan Quit the house in 2018. Guess who is probably going to primary Trump? Ryan. The same man who did nothing to help trump while pretending he was helping. The same man who could get no Replacement of Obamacare or who could get no wall funding, infrastructure and a myriad of other things in place.

    If I was the GOP. They are the only things standing in the way of a communist America and they are too busy screaming orange man bad in the bathrooms of their homes to see what cowards they are.

    2020 is shaping up to be an absolute mess as democrats and republicans alike primary each other out of existence.

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