‘Climate Change’ Will Cause Job Hiring Issues In Future Or Something

What’s the or something in this one? It’s a doozy, as writer Eric Sherman goes full Cult of Climastrology

If Weather Affects Hiring Now, Wait For Climate Change To Get Worse

It’s never a good idea to take a single data point and extract from it. The latest federal jobs report is an example. Only 20,000 new jobs this month, the smallest number since September 2017, when hurricanes battered the country and a number of its territories, like Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Most people won’t be working when winds could lift them up and throw them, their car, and lord knows what else through the air. When floods pick building up from their foundations and carry them away and entire areas are devastated.

February job gains were particularly poor when compared to January’s 311,000. One reason that economists have offered is the difference in weather. January was relatively mild, allowing an unexpected expansion, even as so many were furloughed from the federal government during the shutdown. February, for those who forget too soon, was quite cold for much of the country.

The economy slows as a result and there’s less need of additional workers. Leisure and hospitality was unchanged after adding 154,000 positions total between December and January. In construction last month, jobs fell by 31,000.

Even if February’s numbers don’t make a trend, there is a factor that keeps showing up. Weather. The month broke records for cold and heat and rain and snow. The hurricanes in 2017 were so bad, decimated areas still haven’t seen a full recovery and probably won’t for years.

That’s right, he’s actually blaming ‘climate change’ for all the cold and snow in February for the weak jobs report. It really is a cult.

The phenomenon has already begun to drive up homelessness and will likely cause the biggest gentrification wave since large tribes swept across continents.

No matter the question, the CoC always links it to their narrow dogma.

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5 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Will Cause Job Hiring Issues In Future Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    Breitbart has some solid reporting on the Open Borders crowd:

    “We’re going to have a lot of people coming into the country. We want a lot of people coming in. And we need it.”

    “It’s not a question of do we want [more immigration]… We want to have the companies grow and the only way they’re going to grow is if we give them the workers and the only way we’re going to have the workers is to do exactly what we’re doing.”

    “We need an immigration policy that’s going to be great for our corporations and our great companies … we need workers to come in…”


    • formwiz says:

      Like the time the clown car that Breitbart has become went screaming into the night after The Donald summitted with Pelosi Galore and Chuckie Schumer over DACA, the rubes get played.

      Trump said nothing about illegals. He was talking about qualified, legal immigrants who want to come to this country to work, not to go on welfare.

      Crusader Rabbit learned nothing from Nathan Phillips.

    • Elwood P. Dowd says:

      Do the cesspoolians agree with Trump that the US needs to increase the number of immigrants?

      • formwiz says:

        Since colleges are turning out too many Gay Studies types and not enough STEM grads, he may have a point, but why would Harvey want more foreigners since she’s sooo concerned about how working stiffs are getting stiffed?

        Shouldn’t our Power To The People type want all of them working first?

        Actually, our people are doing just dandy. Best wages in 50 years, thanks to The Donald.

        Under Obama, worker raises were small while the gap between the rich and the poor reached a near all-time high.

        Food stamp participation set a record.

        Under President Trump, 4 million people have gained financial independence and left food stamps because they can feed themselves.

        The United States has had more job openings than unemployed people since June, forcing employers to get more creative in their searches.

        So our resident Commie should be happy.

  2. Kye says:

    I don’t think we need immigrant legal or illegal. But you already know that. I imagine you expect us all to agree with the great President Trump. Sorry, conservatives aren’t like you leftist lemmings. We have and are allowed to have our own opinions even if they disagree with our party leaders. Too bad you commies aren’t allowed the same freedom.

    Now that David Duke is pro Omar and seems to be joining the Democrat party now that you’ve admitted to being wholly anti Jew how does that make you feel? There has always been a meeting of the minds between Nazi’s and Mohammadens so now you guys own Duke. Maybe I was wrong, your New Democrat Party may be going more Nazi than commie after all. It’s hard to tell with all the hate and affiliated hate hoaxes. You idiots have identified too many victims and too few oppressors. Straight white Christians can’t do everything ya know. But it is amusing to watch the anti Jew Mohammadans and communists link up with the Nazi’s and socialists to thwart White Privilege and Christianity. It’s just like back in the good old days of 1938-1945. Same inhuman, lying players.

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