Say, What Would A National Emergency On Hotcoldwetdry Look Like Or Something

Grist uber-Warmist Zoya Teirstein is super interested in this. Consider, Congress authorized construction of border barrier from the Gulf to the Pacific well over a decade ago. They just haven’t fully funded it. All Trump is doing is building a section. Regardless, this piece exposes what Warmists would actually do, something they would all cheer, right up till the policy reaches up and smacks them in the face of the Cold Mackerel Of Truth

What would a national emergency over climate change look like?

Well, it finally happened: President Trump declared a national emergency in order to secure funding for his barrier between Mexico and the United States. We are under virtually no threat from illegal immigration through the southern border. Phew! But don’t put up your feet just yet, the U.S. actually is facing a pretty terrifying threat, not from immigrants, but from climate change.

Now that Trump has set a precedent, some are raising the point that a different president could use the same maneuver to declare a national emergency over rising temperatures. After all, rising sea levels, worsening hurricanes, wildfires, invasive species, and droughts threaten millions of Americans. Talk about a national security crisis.

Shortly after Trump made his declaration, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar took to Twitter to call on the next president to declare climate change a national emergency upon taking office. If the idea catches on, 2020 Democrats might have to decide not only whether they support the Green New Deal, but also whether they would be willing to take that commitment to the next level.

Many other Warmists ran with the meme of declaring a national emergency over weather events.

Dan Farber, professor of law at the University of California, Los Angeles, examined the idea of a climate change national emergency in a blog post. It turns out there area few things a future president might be able to do to mitigate climate change through such a move. Here are the areas Farber thinks are worth exploring (these options are as of yet untested, could look different in practice, AND, as Farber told us in an earlier story, just ’cause it’s possible in theory doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good idea):

  • Oil drilling could be put on pause. “Oil leases are required to have clauses allowing them to be suspended during national emergencies,” Farber writes. If climate change is causing the emergency, doesn’t it make sense to pump the brakes on the stuff causing it? Hmmm?
  • The Secretary of Transportation, who is in charge of transportation coordination during national emergencies, could restrict use of gas-powered vehicles.
  • The renewable energy industry could get an influx of financial support, because a provision allows “the President to extend loan guarantees to critical industries during national emergencies,” Farber writes.
  • There’s even an act that could be invoked to give the president power to “impose sanctions on individuals and countries.” In a national climate change emergency scenario, the act could be used to sanction oil-producing countries.

In a national emergency, the president gets nearly 150 special powers. The options listed above are just a few of the ways those powers could be used in the name of climate change mitigation.

So, how will Warmists, who never want to give up their own use of fossil fuels, since they have to get to work, take the kids to soccer, run errands, and so forth, respond when gas prices skyrocket, but, it almost doesn’t matter since The Government declares they cannot take the vehicle they pay monthly on anywhere?

It doesn’t seem like much, but, when citizens are restricted in their movements, and their cost of living skyrockets from gas prices spiking, it’s a big deal.

Already, Oregon Representative Earl Blumenauer has announced he will be introducing a “congressional emergency declaration on the climate crisis” in Congress. Get ready, GOP! Even if the Supreme Court ends up striking down the border wall, Trump just opened Pandora’s Box.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, weather.

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  1. MrToad says:

    The real fun starts when the rest of us farm animals start seeing AOC, her boyfriend, the rest of the swamp, their donors and all of Hollywood carve out ’emergency’ exemptions for themselves.

    Who’s going to comply after they see Kelly Osborne, Paris Hilton or Barbara Striesand’s pancake purveyor driving around Malibu? Or, Leonardo & Harrison flying over to Dubai to meet up with Al during this ‘national emergency’? No one’s going to comply, that’s who.

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