‘Climate Change’ Is Making Cute Birds Crazed Murderers Or Something

Some Warmists: “We need to calm down a bit, our apocalyptic talk is scaring people off and making us look crazy”

Mother Nature News: “Hold our beer”

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Climate change is having devastating effects on our environment, from rising sea levels to severe weather. Here’s one effect that scientists didn’t anticipate, however: murderous, brain-eating birds.

Great tits (Parus major) are adorable, beautifully-adorned birds common across Europe, North Africa and Central Asia. They typically build their nests in tree cavities in the spring, and once their young have fledged, they abandon their nests and go about their merry way.

This is a convenient pattern for another bird, the pied flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca), which migrates from Africa for the summer. Flycatchers are keen on taking over the abandoned nests of great tits; it certainly beats building their own nests, and after a long migration it’s nice to have a home ready-made and waiting for you.

Unfortunately, though, climate change is causing the nesting times of these two species to overlap. So when flycatchers come knocking, they find that many of the nests are still occupied, and that doesn’t sit well with the territorial, and much larger, great tits.

And apparently, the one thing you don’t want to mess with is a nesting great tit mama.

“When a flycatcher enters a box with a great tit inside, it doesn’t stand a chance,” said biologist Jelmer Samplonius from the University of Groningen, in a press release. “The great tit is heavier, as the flycatchers are built for a long migration from Europe to Western Africa and back. Also, great tits have very strong claws.”

Samplonius is one of the first to recognize this intensifying “war of the birds,” and has conducted the first study detailing some of the gruesome behavior that ensues. Not only do the great tits make short work of the unsuspecting flycatchers that wander into their nests, but they’re also developing a taste for their brains.

All because you refuse to give up your modern lifestyle, fossil fuels, and allow Government to tax the hell out of you and take away your freedom.

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4 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Is Making Cute Birds Crazed Murderers Or Something”

  1. Elwood P. Dowd says:

    This is just one example of the changes to flora and fauna from global warming.

    Hundreds of articles are published yearly describing changes in distribution of green plants, fungi, bacteria, viruses, invertebrates, mammals, fish, birds…

    • formwiz says:


      Care to list a few dozen?

      Harvey wants us to believe a long summer or a warmer winter has never occurred before.

  2. formwiz says:

    the one thing you don’t want to mess with is a nesting great tit mama

    Sounds to me just the opposite, but these Lefties are all light on their feet.

  3. Jl says:

    “Changes to flora and fauna…” Yes, ongoing since whenever flora and fauna made their first appearance on the planet.

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