Washington Post Asking For Rational Leadership On Hotcoldwetdry A Bad Idea After Release Of Green New Deal

The Green New Deal is so bonkers that it’s almost not even worth talking about anymore

but, it’ll come up. The Washington Post Editorial Board picked a bad day to yammer about leadership, especially after the GND had to pulled offline because it was so bad, there were so many issues, words missing, and other things

The world needs rational American leadership on climate change

“WHAT THE hell is going on with Global Waming?” President Trump tweeted last week in the midst of a cold snap. “Please come back fast, we need you!”

If Mr. Trump had consulted scientists in the government he works for, they could have helped with his basic understanding, as well as his spelling: The warming of the Earth is unmistakable, as seen in a global temperature record that offers no reason for laughter. Experts from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration announced Wednesday that 2018 was the fourth-warmest year on record, according to two separate estimates, one from each agency.

A single year’s temperature readings do not constitute a trend. But there is a trend. The five warmest years have come in the past five years. Eighteen of the 19 warmest years on record have come since the beginning of this century. That 2018 did not quite match the record-setting 2016 for warmth is in part because a warming El Niño effect in 2016 raised temperatures even higher than human influence alone would have. By contrast, 2018 saw a cooling La Niña and was still fourth-warmest. The overall direction is relentless: This decade will be warmer than the last, which was warmer than the one before it, and so on.

First, none of that is proof of anthropogenic causation. Just warming. Something that happens normally during the Holocene (and other periods). Plus, we’re talking about hundreds of a degree in change. Also, remember that when there was a long pause, which featured, at best, statistically insignificant warm, outlets like the WP were downplaying it and running pieces that it didn’t exist, but, if it existed, insert one of the 70+ excuses here.

Second, there’s no scientific proof that mankind is mostly/solely responsible for this warm period.

In the face of ever-rising evidence, the president did not even mention climate change in Tuesday’s State of the Union address. His administration still intends to remove the United States from the Paris climate agreement, the world’s best hope to get all major contributing countries moving in the same direction. While the Trump administration ripped up clean-air rules, U.S. greenhouse-gas emissions shot up 3.4 percent last year, putting the lie to the argument that market forces alone will adequately drive down the country’s carbon footprint.

They’re admitting that Government force will be required. The WPEB might be shocked to learn that their business relies upon fossil fuels to gather and distribute newspapers made from killed trees, so, they’d be on the list of those under government force.

Some Democrats, meanwhile, have announced a “ Green New Deal” whose goal seems to be radically reshaping U.S. society and vastly expanding government rather than simply addressing the climate problem, which is hard enough — and important enough. Though not nearly as harmful as Mr. Trump’s rank denialism, engaging in this sort of fantasy also hurts the cause of practically addressing the issue.

The world needs rational U.S. leadership. Unfortunately, global warming will not stop in the meantime.

Oops. I guess the WPEB is not a fan of GND. They did briefly explain what it is about, though: instituting super far left everything dressed up as a climate change and environmental bill.

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One Response to “Washington Post Asking For Rational Leadership On Hotcoldwetdry A Bad Idea After Release Of Green New Deal”

  1. StillAlive says:

    Just to make sure people understand and don’t cherry pick a recent link to solar forcing.

    From the same article which is basically NOT a scientific paper but rather a collection of writings.

    The record shows rapid cooling since the start of the Spörer Minimum, which intensified during the Maunder Minimum (with the lowest estimated temperature being 2 °C lower than the recent average). A later increase in the temperature and another slight cooling probably coincided with the Dalton Minimum. Particularly cold winters occurred during the MCA (from 1090 to 1179), during the LIA onset (1350) and from the late 15th to early 16th centuries. Winter temperatures would have been approximately 0.5 °C lower during the LIA (1500–1900) than during the 20th century. … [T]he Maunder Minimum coincided with a cold period from 1645 to 1706, and the Dalton Minimum (1796–1830) is correlated with a cold stage spanning the years from 1810 to 1838. Four warm periods (1626–1637, 1800–1809, 1845–1859, and 1986–2012) coincided with periods of increased solar activity.” (Oliva et al., 2018)

    Why is this significant? Because the AGW crowd uses these extreme low temperatures to then claim ITS WARMING drastically. Which it is given they are using ICE AGE temerpatures as their base line starting point.

    The conclusion I could reach in the posted link on solar forcing is no one has a fuking clue good or bad according to this weblog writer who has his own agenda or else he would not have a website devoted to AGW.

    Right now we have reached a point in which our sun is almost dormant. The inverse square rule applies. If the sun cools 1 percent then we will see a corresponding 4 percent decrease in heat from the sun.

    Additionally to make matters worse most physicists believe that the speed in which the poles are reversing we could very well see the poles switch in the next 100 years. Every switch in the past has been accompanied by huge extinction level events for a very large number of creatures.

    Additionally the magnetosphere around our earth is growing significantly weaker. This is the primary driver of the Jet Streams moving farther south and pull polar weather as far south as Florida and Texas at times. Why is this significant?

    Food Shortages. Which is why 800 FEMA camps have been set up and staffed although they are quiet and without habitants. It is why Obama never stopped drilling. It is why Fema is buying up all the long term food, MRE’s and health and medical supplies it can get.

    When I try to buy long term food it is most of the time sold out. I have to sometimes wait weeks. Companies that specialize in selling MRE’s to the military and the public are constantly only able to supply the MRE’s with the least amount of calories.

    And not AOC wants to destroy our energy sector in this nation.

    The Liberal mindlessly drunk left wants to not only destroy Energy but Education, Transportation and Farming. Because how are you going to farm without fossil fuels? Battery operated Tractors that aren’t even in existence?

    I can only shake my head at the snowflake kids who think everything in life should be free. They will rue the day when the authoritarian government shuts down their coveted internet and put another sector out of business. All in the name of Authoritarian/Fascist Socialism.

    Anyone really want a taste of socialism. Go to the EU and realize you can be arrested for speaking against police activity. You can be arrested for hate speech which can be as simple as saying the government is crazy for allowing…..XXXX fill in the blank. This is what the left doesn’t want but it is what they will end up with. Guaranteed.

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