Hot Take: Your Love Of Evil Carbon Pollution Burgers Will Eventually Change The Color Of The Ocean

You won’t actually be able to see it, but it will totally happen by the end of the century. What they forget to do is prove that this is all caused my Mankind

Climate change will even change the color of the oceans, study says

The ocean will not look the same color in the future. It won’t turn pink or anything radically different; the change will be more apparent through optic sensors than though the human eye. But it serves as an early warning sign that global warming is significantly altering the planet’s ecosystems, according to a new study.

Essentially, climate change will make the blues of the ocean bluer and the greens greener. Scientists figured this out by creating a global model that simulates the growth of a tiny creature that lives in the oceans and affects the color we see. Their research was published Monday in the journal Nature Communications. (model. Snicker)

The ocean looks blue or green to us because of a combination of how sunlight interacts with water molecules and with whatever else lives in that water.

The molecules in water absorb all but the blue part of the spectrum of sunlight, and the water reflects that blue color back. That’s the color we see.

The water looks greener when it has more phytoplankton, tiny, microscopic organisms that, like plants, can use chlorophyll to capture mostly the blue portions of the spectrum of sunlight. They then use photosynthesis to create the chemical energy they need to live. When there are more of these creatures in the water absorbing sunlight, they make the water look greener. Conversely, if there are fewer phytoplankton, the water looks bluer.

The creatures’ growth is dependent on how much sunlight, carbon dioxide and nutrients are around. Climate change is altering the ocean currents, meaning there will be fewer nutrients for phytoplankton to feed on in some areas, so there will be a decline in their number in those regions.

Sigh. First, the changes to the ocean currents is very minimal. Second, this has always happened, there’s no reason to assign it to witchcraft, er, humanity and things like driving a fossil fueled vehicle and eating burgers.

Climate change will bring a color change to half of the world’s oceans by the end of the 21st century, the study says. That’s bad for climate change on several levels: For one, phytoplankton remove about as much carbon dioxide from the air as plants and help regulate our climate, research shows. They are also key to other animals’ survival.

Really, if they are so concerned, they should focus more on the issue of ocean pollution rather than a ginned up, mostly fake one designed to take more money from people and private entities and give it to government, along with government taking more freedom from citizens. But, this is the latest of scaremongering from the government funded Cult of Climastrology with a study no one will remember in 2100, based on computer models.

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5 Responses to “Hot Take: Your Love Of Evil Carbon Pollution Burgers Will Eventually Change The Color Of The Ocean”

  1. StillAlive says:

    The right needs to stand up and be counted. We are letting the left walk all over us. An interesting poll by PEW shows that the new Generation Z is more conservative than the millennials and Gen Z will be voting in this upcoming election.

    Now while it’s true they are not much more conservative they tend to side with Trump on the Wall and against the liberals on SJW though the margins are not very wide.

    Every generation the pendulum in this nation swings left then right then left then right. The problem for the right is we dont fight. We dont stand up we let ourselves be walked on because we dont believe in confrontation. We dont believe in Litigating everything or making a billion regulations to mandate authoritarianism. We don’t believe in big government so we always end up on the short end of every ruling because the left depends on the government to TELL YOU WHAT TO DO.

    Stand up. It is time we become the resistance to the absurdity that is the radical leftist agenda taken on by the Democrats.

    And do not underestimate AOC. She is the lefts darling. Trump lies, cheats, steals and makes shit up and the right doesn’t care. DO ANY OF YOU THINK….the left will care if AOC does the same things?

  2. Professor Hale says:

    I don’t care. I will be long dead by then. Higher energy prices effect me though, so I care about those. Future people can pay for their own problems. Present people have enough to worry about without borrowing future problems.

  3. Jacob Noire says:

    Teach: What they forget to do is prove that this is all caused my Mankind

    The article didn’t blame global warming on humankind.

    And anyway, you cannot prove a theory.

    • formwiz says:

      Zenobia again sticks her foot in the reeking mess of lies set up to protect the global warming scam.

      Theories are proven if they are to be taken seriously. If refuted, they are cast aside.

      One of the first things taught in STEM is the art of the proof.

      • Zenobia says:

        You’re such a fool. Even a teenage Black chick kicks your ass. I bet that makes you mad. Ha

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