Washington Governor Jay Inslee Is Rethinking The Carbon Tax Or Something

Jay Inslee may not be a household name, but, as a governor running for the Democratic presidential nominee, and someone who hasn’t shown himself to be an overt raving leftist wackadoodle, he’s someone to watch as a potential front runner. He may not be the Leftist darling that folks like Kamala Harris, Corey Booker, Elizabeth Warren, and a few others, but he really does have a good shot unless the raving wackjob Dem base decides to nominate raving leftist wackjob. And Inslee is also a massive Warmist.

Now, this story is long. Very long. And worth the full read. But, I’m not going to fisk the whole thing, which is supposedly about Inslee thinking different about a carbon tax after losing several times in what is essentially an uber-Warmist state

Defeated twice, a top climate change crusader has a wake-up call some Democrats won’t want to hear

Gov. Jay Inslee of Washington staked the future of his environmental policy on something activists had advocated for decades: a first-of-its-kind statewide fee on carbon pollution.

But in one of the greenest states in the country, in a historic midterm year for Democrats and amid a spate of new reports warning of climate catastrophe, his efforts to put a price on carbon failed badly.

Undaunted, Inslee is looking to carry the lessons learned from a long career of incremental wins and heartbreaking losses on climate policy to the national stage as a possible presidential contender.

“I learned one of the key talents is persistence,” he told NBC News in an interview. “Climate change is not going away, and neither are we.” (snip)

His potential entry into the wide-open 2020 Democratic primary contest with a climate-focused campaign comes amid an intense debate over how to marry environmental sustainability with political sustainability, a question he’s grappled with like few others. He believes the fate of the world depends on getting the answer right.

“That’s what’s at stake here,” Inslee said. “A fundamental continuation of life and civilization as we’ve become accustomed to.”

Dooooooom! He’s not really re-thinking implementing a carbon tax, he’s just rethinking how to push it. Apparently, doom is one way forward. The other is dinking and dunking taxes, building them slowly (he should remember how that has ended up working out in France). And here’s his real message for Democrats

Heading into the presidential campaign, there’s a burst of grassroots energy around the Green New Deal, but it faces competition from similarly ambitious Democratic proposals on health care, education, taxes and more.

Inslee hasn’t ignored those items (he just proposed a new public health care option in his state), but he has a message Democratic voters might not hear from the party’s presidential candidates: If you’re going to tackle climate change, the rest may have to wait.

“When you want college education for your kids, when you want better health care, when you want net neutrality, when you want all of those things, but your house is on fire and it’s burning down, you’ve got to put the fire out first and get your family out of the house,” he said.

“That’s the type of prioritization we have to make if we are going to succeed in rescuing our country from this existential threat,” he added.

Got that? In his world, nothing else matters if we aren’t saved from (checks data) a whopping 1.5F increase in global temperatures since 1850. How will this message play among Democrats? How about voters overall? Because no matter how hard the Cult of Climastrology pushes, ‘climate change’ is always low hanging fruit.

We’ll see if this catches on with the Dem base once the primaries start. Most likely, though, it will be a big failure with the voters overall, as they realize just how much this push will damage their finances and cost of living and such. It would be a great referendum on the Cult, which is why I’m pushing for Inslee to win the Dem primary. Perhaps we can put a big stake in the heart of the Cult, at least here in the U.S.

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6 Responses to “Washington Governor Jay Inslee Is Rethinking The Carbon Tax Or Something”

  1. Rance Arnold says:

    “someone who hasn’t shown himself to be an overt raving leftist wackadoodle, he’s someone to watch as a potential front runner.”
    He’s not “overt raving” because his nickname of #SleepyJayInslee is well earned. But he’s definitely a leftist wackadoodle. I hope he makes it far in the primaries (0 chance of winning) because the more he’s away from my state the better.

  2. Tonestaple says:

    I live in Washington and I believe it is imperative that we support this loon for president. He is known as “Sleepy Jay” because, whether it is policy pronouncements or his general demeanor, he always seems to have just awakened from a long nap and he’s not too sure where he is or what’s going on.

    He’s also incompetent: Western State Hospital is one of the two hospitals for the insane in the state and he managed to lose its accreditation by failing to do anything to clean it up: keys are stolen, staff is assaulted, patients (criminally insane ones) walk away from the premises. It’s a nightmare and it’s all Sleepy Jay’s.

    The man may not sound as flat-out crazy as Ocasio-Cortez or Warren or most of the others, but trust me, he is.

  3. Mangoldielocks says:

    The green new deal. What can you say.

    70 percent tax rate on say someone making 10 million or so. Great. Living in states like NY that would equate to 82 percent of their income going to taxes.

    Thats just awesome. I am sure those millionaires are going to remain in the United States if this were to ever pass.

    70 percent is the highest tax rate in the world. Its even higher than China and Russia and North Korea. Cuba has a lower tax rate.

    In the Democratic party you have the NEO-LIBERALS who are corporatist/globalist lackeys who get their money from Wall Street and you have the far left insanely stupid progressives who make no bones about being communist even though they claim they are socialists but lets be honest. They want a new world order FASCIST GOVERNMENT to tell everyone how to live. Because communists have made sure these young idiots never studied communism they have no idea how manipulated they have been.

    So if we put in place all of the idiots far left agendas then this nation will collapse under the burden of insanity. Make no MISTAKE DEMOCRATIC VOTERS. These candidates will move way far left to run in primaries only to move to the center to run in the general….then you, the stupid democrat who have spent too much time watching Friends and The big Bang Theory will just pull that handle for a (D) and ignore what happens after until suddenly your not making any money any more, have no jobs and then believe the Bull that its all the GOP’s fault.

  4. Jethro says:

    Living in states like NY that would equate to 82 percent of their income going to taxes.

    No. Look up “marginal tax rate”.

    American policies have been largely conservative since 1980. How has that worked out for the middle class?

  5. MrDeLaGarzenzo says:

    The middle class has been crushed by the democrats.
    1. AGW has driven their jobs overseas.
    2. AGW has crushed high paying jobs in the USA with the never ending attempt at the total destruction of COAL, natural gas, gasoline and oil.
    3. The middle class and unions find more of a champion in Donald Trump and the new GOP then they ever had in the democrats.
    4. The middle class did just fine when tax rates were 90 percent on the wealthy, but that was with considerable loopholes to bring the rates down. Now with the new deal there is no intention of bringing loopholes into the mix. They need to fund the project not pretend to fund it.
    5. Obama told everyone there jobs were not coming back as we watched for decades as AGW and regulations and high tax rates forced companies to relocate overseas.
    6. Obama did not care. He told people to get used to HIGH UNEMPLOYMENT RATES? Why? Because the AGW agenda and the new world order dictated such.
    7. The left pretends to care about the middle class and the poor yet they open up our borders and invited millions of illegals into our country while pointing a finger at the right as the problem.
    8. The middle class has fared horribly under the AGW mantra being preached around the world. It has everything to do with the right allowing the communist left to infiltrate and take over schools, Universities and institutions such as the main stream government and Hollywood where push back is non existent.
    9. Make no mistake the AGW bandwagon is what has destroyed the Middle class in this nation. Not tax rates. Not fiscal policy. When Obama could not get any laws passed he regulated industries to a stand still. Trump unregulated them and the economy boomed. 400k new manufacturing jobs in 2 years as opposed to 65k in 8 years under Obama.

    Make no mistake Marginal tax rates and what ever mumbo jumbo the left likes to throw around has nothing to do with the destruction of the middle class. It is leftist policies unimpeded by the right which has brought about the demise of the middle class and is now threatening the poor as well.

    Solution? MORE WELFARE FOR ALL. A fascist world order run by communists telling everyone when to eat, how much to eat and don’t you dare stand against us.

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