NY Times Seems Upset That The U.S. Isn’t Taking Care Of All The Illegals Not In Detention Centers

See, the same NY Times, as well as most of the other Credentialed Media, has been in level 5 apoplexy over all the migrants/illegals stuck in detention centers, especially the kiddies. Detention centers which provide them food, shelter, clothing, and lots of other things which would be better aimed in going to downtrodden U.S. citizens. But then we have this

As Government Pulls Back, Charities Step In to Help Released Migrants

Migrants who are allowed to remain in the United States to pursue asylum are usually given a choice when they are released from detention in San Diego: Go to the Greyhound bus station and fend for themselves, or try to find a cot and a shower at a local shelter.

One way or another, once the migrants have been dropped off by discreet white Immigration and Customs Enforcement vans in border towns across the Southwest, they are no longer the federal government’s problem.

President Trump has tried and failed to end a practice he derisively calls “catch and release,” and thousands of undocumented migrants apprehended at the border every month are still being granted routine entry to the United States while their cases are processed by immigration courts.

But as the number of migrant families in recent months has overwhelmed the government’s detention facilities, the Trump administration has drastically reduced its efforts to ensure the migrants’ safety after they are released. People working along the border say an ever larger number of families are being released with nowhere to stay, no money, no food and no means of getting to friends and relatives who may be hundreds or thousands of miles away.

Got that? They’re here uninvited, they’re choosing to not stay at detention centers, of which are overloaded by the illegals and migrants the Democrats keep enticing to just show up and know they’ll be protected, and we’re supposed to continue to provide them all sorts of stuff.

Here’s an idea: if the migrants/illegals don’t like this, leave. Go home. Better yet, don’t come. These are essentially people with no skills and no money, who are demanding that the U.S. provide for them.

The story obviously jumps into private entities helping to take care of these people, but even they get overloaded

Their operating costs run between $350,000 and $400,000 a month, largely raised by faith organizations and a GoFundMe account. Still, on days when 100 or more refugees are dropped off, they have little option, because of capacity constraints, other than to turn away families and leave them homeless.

Which means that the cost to the federal government is way, way, way more than that. Money that could be spend on our citizens. These illegals and migrants are not our problem. They show up and cannot even fend for themselves. Put them back across the border. Stop them from crossing.

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