Washington Post: The Next President Has To Make ‘Climate Change’ A Priority Or Something

I wonder what the carbon footprint of Jay Inslee’s campaign will be, what with all the energy, fossil fueled vehicles, food, and so forth. He’s the author of this opinion piece

The next president must make climate change the top priority

We are the first generation to feel the sting of climate change, and we are the last generation that can do something about it.

The Democratic Party must nominate a candidate who will put fighting climate change at the top of the agenda. And that’s why I’m seriously considering running for president.

The science is clear. We have a short period of time to act. And whether we shrink from this challenge, or rise to it, is the biggest question we face, as a nation and as a people.

It is also our chance to realize the greatest economic opportunity of this century: to create millions of good-paying jobs building a future run on clean energy.

For millions of Americans, climate change is no longer just a chart or a graph. It’s the smoke on our tongues from massive wildfires. It’s the floodwater invading our homes, and record-breaking hurricanes and heat waves.

Confronting this change has been the driving force of my time in public life. About a decade ago, I co-wrote a book about the need to transform our economy to one run on clean energy and the need for a national Apollo mission-style project to take on this herculean task.

Except, most people only care in theory. In practice, not so much.

But to win a national mandate for action everywhere, we must nominate a candidate who will deploy clean energy and cut carbon pollution on the ambitious scale required, even if it means deferring other worthy goals.

He’s referring to something he’s said before

Inslee hasn’t ignored those items (he just proposed a new public health care option in his state), but he has a message Democratic voters might not hear from the party’s presidential candidates: If you’re going to tackle climate change, the rest may have to wait.

“When you want college education for your kids, when you want better health care, when you want net neutrality, when you want all of those things, but your house is on fire and it’s burning down, you’ve got to put the fire out first and get your family out of the house,” he said.

Good luck with this if he thinks people are going to put off the economic issues that directly effect themselves in the immediate term for the pie in the sky man-caused climate change scam.

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3 Responses to “Washington Post: The Next President Has To Make ‘Climate Change’ A Priority Or Something”

  1. Mangoldielocks says:

    The globalists are losing their minds about now. The depth of their hatred for Trump and how he has stirred up a global nationalist movement to counter the new world order of the left and George Soros among others is almost comical if it wasn’t so serious.

    Who benefits by open borders? The rich and corporations. Who suffers. The people. Jobs in your country can be taken by anyone.

    Globalism is a bane to humankinds existence until such time we all learn to hold hands and get along. Which is about 30, 40 thousand years from now.

  2. Kye says:

    I thought the last so-called president made phony glowball warming a priority? How’d that work out for the unbeatable democrats?

  3. JGlanton says:

    LOL @ the notion that “millions of jobs” can be created by confiscating money from one group of people and giving it to others. Millions of others. https://www.thepiratescove.us/wp-content/plugins/wp-monalisa/icons/wpml_cool.gif

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