The ‘Climate Change’ Tax War Rages In France

It’s a real bummer when Warmists discover that the ‘climate change’ policies they really love actually end up hitting themselves right in the wallet. I mentioned the start of the protest back on November 17, and didn’t expect them to still be going on

Paris burning: Protesters set streets on fire on 8th day of protests against rising fuel taxes

Violence erupted on the streets of the city of lights on Saturday as about 8,000 protesters faced off against thousands of police deployed to contain the demonstrations.

As angry protesters blocked streets and lit various materials on fire, including large sheets of plywood and garbage bins, police hurled tear gas and shot water cannons on the crowds, the majority of which were centered near the Champs-Elysees.

Saturday was the eighth day of protests over rising fuel taxes and French President Emmanuel Macron’s economic policies. Since the protests began on Nov. 17, two people have been killed, according to the Associated Press.

“Shame on those who attacked [the police],” Macron said on Twitter.

“Shame on those who have abused other citizens and journalists. Shame on those who tried to intimidate the [elected]. No place for this violence in the Republic.”

I do believe Macron has missed that “the elected” are supposed to serve the people, not dictate everything as Rulers. But, then, most of the people who push the climate change scam from the top are rather authoritarian and believe in domineering government.

The protests began as an affront against rising diesel prices, which rose about 30 cents per gallon and are expected to continue rising, but over the past week, they’ve quickly phased into a rebuke on Macron, who many French citizens perceive as elitist and indifferent to their struggles.

Macron insists the higher taxes are necessary to reduce France’s dependence on fossil fuels and to fund renewable energy sources, according to the AP.

See, what happened was that the government had been pushing hard to get rid of regular gasoline fueled vehicles and replace them with diesel engines, as diesel was being touted as Better For Climate Change. Then, the government decided to start taxing the hell out of diesel once a lot of people had switched over. And citizens are, as we can see, not particularly happy. But, hey, they’re the ones who put Macron in office during the 2017 elections. They knew he wanted to implement all sorts of ‘climate change’ policies yet still elected him.

This is also highlights exactly what Cult of Climastrology policies will do: mess with the economy and cause harm to the middle and lower classes. Does anyone think the fuel policies hurt Macron in the least? He’s rich. He doesn’t care. And they all thought this stuff would be free. There are always costs.

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35 Responses to “The ‘Climate Change’ Tax War Rages In France”

  1. Dana says:

    Our esteemed host hit the nail on the head:

    I do believe Macron has missed that “the elected” are supposed to serve the people, not dictate everything as Rulers. But, then, most of the people who push the climate change scam from the top are rather authoritarian and believe in domineering government.

    Which is why Hillary Clinton, Tony Blair and Matteo Renzi were out warning Europe about ‘right-wing populism,’ because the Patricians can’t let the plebeians have any actual voice.

    That’s the thing about populism: the elites hate and fear it because they hate and fear their loss of control to the masses.

    See, what happened was that the government had been pushing hard to get rid of regular gasoline fueled vehicles and replace them with diesel engines, as diesel was being touted as Better For Climate Change. Then, the government decided to start taxing the hell out of diesel once a lot of people had switched over.

    That’s one of the problems in the US. Diesel is a simpler refining process than gasoline, and diesel ought to be cheaper than gas — even with the ultra-low sulfur content regulations — but states and the federal government have laden diesel with so many additional taxes, because only truckers pay them, not the common people, as though consumers aren’t paying them in the price of everything they buy. Diesels normally get much better fuel economy, but when diesel is 80¢ a gallon more expensive than gasoline, who’s going to want to even consider a diesel?

  2. Dana says:

    It’s amazing how Pennsylvania manages to have the highest gasoline taxes in the nation, and still has the worst roads.

  3. Jl says:

    Don’t the fools know that paying more tax will stop bad weather…?

  4. formwiz says:

    While here in NE OH, gas was 2.20 over the weekend.

    Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.

    • JGlanton says:

      Trump isn’t helping much here in California. Discount gas is $3.50, regular name brand gas is $3.60 – $3.75. Premium is $3.89. Taxes on regular are 73.82 cents per gallon, depending slightly on the price of gas at the time of purchase.

  5. JGlanton says:

    Fuel has gone up to $7 a gallon in France and 60% of that is tax. They’re paying more in tax than we are for fuel + tax, and their politicians are arguing that this us good and necessary, for their subject’s own good. Politicians say this every where and every time that they impose a tax on people and enforce it through aggression against them. Macron’s words could come out of Jerry Brown’s mouth, and vice versa.

    When will the people of California start rioting in the streets? How many incremental tax rises imposed by progressive politicians will be enough for Californians?

    The tragedy for the French and the future Americans is that they are rioting to get tax relief to get the price reduced from $7 to $6.75, when it should be $3.00. The economic death by a thousand cuts brought by leftist policies is already too far along.

  6. Jethro says:

    The Trump administration just released the National Climate Assessment which predicts a 10% drop in GDP by the end of the century, along with at least 3F increase in global mean surface temperature. The 13 US agencies concluded that human activities were largely responsible for the current warming.

    Key findings of the NCA4, Vol. II Communities

    – Human health and safety, our quality of life, and the rate of economic growth in communities across the U.S. are increasingly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change.
    – The cascading impacts of climate change threaten the natural, built and social systems we rely on, both within and beyond the nation’s borders.
    – Societal efforts to respond to climate change have expanded in the last five years, but not at the scale needed to avoid substantial damages to the economy, environment, and human health over the coming decades.
    – Without substantial and sustained global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and regional initiatives to prepare for anticipated changes, climate change is expected to cause growing losses to American infrastructure and property and impede the rate of economic growth over this century.
    = Rising temperatures, extreme heat, drought, wildfire on rangelands and heavy downpours are expected to increasingly challenge the quality and quantity of U.S. crop yields, livestock health, price stability and rural livelihoods.
    – Changes in the quality and quantity of fresh water available for people and the environment are increasing risks and costs to agriculture, energy production, industry and recreation.
    – Climate change will transform coastal regions by the latter part of this century, with ripple effects on other regions and sectors. Many communities should expect higher costs and lower property values from sea level rise.
    – Climate change threatens the health and well-being of the American people by causing increasing extreme weather, changes to air quality, the spread of new diseases by insects and pests, and changes to the availability of food and water.

    • formwiz says:

      Since the “study” undoubtedly took years to compile, I wonder how many holdovers from Zippy’s Reign of Terror wrote it?

      And, for those who think this scam began 50 years ago, a blast from the past

      1895 –
      Geologists Think the World May Be Frozen Up Again –
      New York Times, February 1895

      1902 –
      “Disappearing Glaciers…deteriorating slowly, with a persistency that means their
      final annihilation…scientific fact…surely disappearing.” – Los Angeles Times

      1912 –
      Prof. Schmidt Warns Us of an Encroaching Ice Age –
      New York Times, October 1912

      1923 –
      “Scientist says Arctic ice will wipe out Canada” – Professor Gregory of Yale
      University, American representative to the Pan-Pacific Science Congress, –
      Chicago Tribune

      1923 –
      “The discoveries of changes in the sun’s heat and the southward advance of
      glaciers in recent years have given rise to conjectures of the possible advent
      of a new ice age” – Washington Post

      1924 –
      MacMillan Reports Signs of New Ice Age – New York Times, Sept 18, 1924

      1929 –
      “Most geologists think the world is growing warmer, and that it will continue to
      get warmer” – Los Angeles Times, in Is another ice age coming?

      1932 – “If these things be true, it is evident, therefore that we must be just teetering on
      an ice age” – The Atlantic magazine, This Cold, Cold World

      1933 –
      America in Longest Warm Spell Since 1776; Temperature Line Records a 25-Year
      Rise – New York Times, March 27th, 1933

      1933 –
      “…wide-spread and persistent tendency toward warmer weather…Is our climate
      changing?” – Federal Weather Bureau “Monthly Weather Review.”

      1938 –
      Global warming, caused by man heating the planet with carbon dioxide, “is likely
      to prove beneficial to mankind in several ways, besides the provision of heat
      and power.”– Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society

      1938 –
      “Experts puzzle over 20 year mercury rise…Chicago is in the front rank of
      thousands of cities thuout the world which have been affected by a mysterious
      trend toward warmer climate in the last two decades” – Chicago Tribune

      1939 –
      “Gaffers who claim that winters were harder when they were boys are quite right…
      weather men have no doubt that the world at least for the time being is growing
      warmer” – Washington Post

      1952 –
      “…we have learned that the world has been getting warmer in the last half
      century” – New York Times, August 10th, 1962

      1954 –
      “…winters are getting milder, summers drier. Glaciers are receding, deserts
      growing” – U.S. News and World Report</i.

      • david7134 says:

        The junk with climate is over, done. The proof is what is going in France, a liberal country tries to raise taxes to somehow combat CO2 and the country begins to come apart.

        • Jethro says:


          The international cabal of ‘populist’ neoNazis and white supremacists are rioting.

          • formwiz says:

            Define irony.

            The people Jeffery and the rest of the Leftist clowns claim to love so much are protesting because the taxes with which you saddle them to fund their phony climate agenda are too onerous to make a living and Idiot Boy calls them the international cabal of ‘populist’ neoNazis and white supremacists.

          • david7134 says:

            I have no idea what your statement means. I guess the way you think the right wing is protesting so their concerns are insignificant.

      • Jethro says:

        LOL. You whine about citations then use newspaper and magazine articles, LOL.

        Do you have a point? We recommend you try and make it.

        There are any number of global temperature records online. You can see for yourself the pattern of warming over the past century. For example, the GISTEMP dataset shows 0.09C per decade since 1900 for a total of 1.2C increase. The rate of warming has doubled in the past 40 years according to all the Earth datasets and the satellite records (added in 1979).

        • formwiz says:

          The point is this scam has been going on a long time, but only now are there enough people dumb enough to buy into it.

          PS I never whine, but I expect you to back up your nonsense with some kind of verification.

  7. JGlanton says:

    LOL, you really contend that piece of alarmist propaganda was put out by the “Trump administration”?

    There have now been four NCA reports, and the U.S temperature is exactly the same today as when they started making them. The rest of the report is all future conjecture designed to alarm gullible people who cannot discern actual measurements from all the “what if” paragraphs disguised as science.

    • Jethro says:


      Our mistake. We assumed tRump was the US president and as such, in charge of the executive branch. We won’t assume that again.

      Do you subscribe to the wacko right-wing conspiracy theory that our federal government is staffed with anti-American communosocialist fascists? Citizen tRump distrusts the CIA, FBI, federal courts, SCOTUS, NOAA, EPA, NASA, the free press, Congress, military, DHS, all federal laws, elections… He is dismantling the institutions of America because he doesn’t know any better, and because it suits his personal interests.

      The global temperature has increased 0.3C since the 1st National Climate Assessment (2000). The US occupies only about 2% of the Earth’s surface area.

      Do you believe the data showing the Earth is warming?

      • formwiz says:

        Of course, he doesn’t. He’s an intelligent human being.

        And, just because Trump is President doesn’t mean he’s gotten around to firing every Lefty government slug that tries to destroy the country from within.

        (Imagine Jeffery screaming if trump actually did it)

        • Jethro says:

          Do you believe the data showing the Earth is warming?

          formwiz says:
          November 25, 2018 at 2:59 pm
          Of course, he doesn’t. He’s an intelligent human being.

          Trump and Teach admit the Earth is warming. Are they both unintelligent human beings?

          • formwiz says:

            I’ll bet. Quotes?

            Well, here’s one from a month ago.

            Unless you mean this, “I’m not denying climate change. But it could very well go back.”

            If so, you need to up your Xanax.

            In any case, they aren’t running around trying to regulate people’s lives and tax them out of house and automobile.

            PS Last I heard, we were headed for a mini Ice Age, but you know how scientists are. Make an observation and you stampeded them into a consensus

        • Jethro says:

          So you’re saying tRump isn’t in control. Got it.

          Why couldn’t he just stop the report the way he stopped Kim’s nuclear program? **snicker**

          • formwiz says:

            You said it, I said a few Lefty scientists working on some commission wrote it. The government issues stuff all the time.

            And, if Trump were the Hitler you claim he is, he would have just stopped the report.

            Can’t have it both ways.

          • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:


          • Jethro says:

            13 US agencies created the 4th National Climate Assessement, not just a few leftists.

            Maybe tRump is just as bad a tyrant as he is a businessman, diplomat, husband and negotiator. ***snicker***

          • Liljeffyatemypuppy says:


  8. Jl says:

    From the Executive Summary of that “special report “ which, if representative of the whole report, tells you all you need to know about it. “Heatwaves have become more common in the U.S. since the 1960’s..”. Why yes, maybe they have if they start the graph in the 1960’s and ignore the 1930’s. Which they did.

  9. The same French who let their country be over run by Africans and Moslems only now raise their ire about paying 20 cents a gallon more for fuel? The same “mobs” that voted in favor of every socialist program that comes along is only now crying because their government demands they pay for it? Their priorities are a little whacked.

  10. Jl says:

    “The claim of economic damage is based on a 15 degree temperature increase…”. “15 degrees”? Gee, anything can be produced if you feed garbage into your computer program, which is what was done

    • Jethro says:

      The article in Science was summarized here:

      The article:

      The authors projected about a 1.2% drop in US GDP with every 1C increase in global temperature, with most of the damage occurring in the southern US.

      Perhaps you can find the graph that Mr. Pielke used in his tweet, since it’s not in the original journal article. Similar graphs in the journal article show a 10% impact on GDP with an 8C increase. We suspect Mr. Pielke converted 8C to 15F. You have to guess his motive.

      Mr. Pielke is a political “scientist” and is the director of the Sports Governance Center within the Department of Athletics at the U of Colorado, Boulder. He writes prolifically of his opinions of global warming. He accepts the basic IPCC premise that the Earth is warming from greenhouse gases humans are adding to the atmosphere, but he doesn’t imagine that the warming will be as impactful on humans as the climate scientists claim.

      • formwiz says:

        Poli Sci is more of a science than all the warming nonsense. It uses actual data.

        As for a rise, how do we get that while we’re having a mini Ice Age?

        As I quoted earlier, environuts have been trying to scare people for over a century and none of it’s come true yet.

        PS 8C would be about 126 F. 15 F is probably more realistic. You do realize areas of the earth have undergone that kind of radical change long before internal cumbustion.

        • Jethro says:

          As for a rise, how do we get that while we’re having a mini Ice Age?

          By adding CO2 to the atmosphere.

      • Jl says:

        No, Mr. math major. Take, for example 15 degrees C., which is 59 degrees F. Add 8 degrees to the 15 and you get 23 C. 23 degrees C = about 74 F. 74-59 is…..what? 15. 8 degrees of Celsius change equals about 15 degrees of Fahrenheit change. You’re welcome.

    • Jethro says:

      And why do you continue to reference Marc Morono?

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