Hot Take: Lettuce Is Too Dangerous To Sell In Stores, Guns Aren’t

Think Progress’ Ryan Koronowski thinks he’s on to something

Romaine lettuce is too dangerous to be in stores, but guns are still available 24 hours per day

On Thanksgiving Day 2018, Americans couldn’t buy romaine lettuce because of a CDC recall linked to an E. Coli outbreak. But even though gun violence is so mundane that a shooting at a mall in Alabama Thursday evening barely made national news, guns were still freely available at stores like Walmart across the country.

The Centers for Disease Control issued a food safety alert on Tuesday afternoon, urging Americans to refrain from eating, and retailers from selling, any romaine lettuce, “until we learn more about the outbreak.” Five people died from an E. coli outbreak in June, and nearly two hundred people got sick.

(blah blah blah)

While firearm ownership within the context of a well-regulated militia is protected by the Constitution’s Second Amendment and there is no constitutional protection for any vegetable, much less lettuce, the Bill of Rights was written when slow-loading muskets made the idea of a mass shooting an improbable nightmare. The technological upgrades in the almost 250 years since then have allowed carnage to unfold in emergency rooms across the country.

I notice that Ryan is not using a quill pen nor an antiquated printing press.

But, you know, it sure looks like Ryan is advocating for removal of all firearms from sale.

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7 Responses to “Hot Take: Lettuce Is Too Dangerous To Sell In Stores, Guns Aren’t”

  1. Jethro says:

    Porter typed: Ryan is advocating for removal of all firearms from sale.

    Can you point out where he said that? Thanks.

    • formwiz says:

      The whole point, dummy, is the implication.

      Kinda like all the times people like Jessuh Jackson and SPLC talked about code words when they were trying to brand someone a racist who clearly wasn’t.

  2. JGlanton\ says:

    That BS lettuce/gun comparison meme is all over Facebook this week. People think it is sooooo clever.

    People are getting killed left and right as drivers looking at cellphones barrel through intersections. Might as well compare lettuce to cellphones. Oh wait, that sounds soooo stupid.

    One measure of human intelligence is the ability to make a pertinent analogy. There isn’t much of that going around these days.

  3. L. Thomas says:

    The stupidity of this article literally should enrage every black person in this country… While they are mowing each other down in inner cities across the nation this person says:

    But even though gun violence is so mundane that a shooting at a mall in Alabama Thursday evening barely made national news,

    Seriously. How many mow em down events MAKE NATIONAL NEWS ON ANY DAY????? THAT WOULD BE ZERO. But if OMG if a white guy loses his mind and shoots someone its national news.

    If I was a black man or woman in this country I would be voting every democrat on the planet out of office and sending them a clear message.

  4. L. Thomas says:

    That message is #METOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    They have been left to rot in the inner cities. Trump tried to do infrastructure to rebuild the inner cities but the Democrats walked away from the table. He tried to do DACA. Yep the democrats walked away. He is now asking for border security and immigration reform. The democrats wont talk about it.

    The democrats hate everyone but the far left whackos and now K. Harris and the sex abuser Corey Booker who the national press barely even hinted at accusations of sexual assault have come up with brilliant :LETS GIVE EM ALL MONEY TO KEEP EM QUIET: plans ala a guaranteed income which will cost 200-300 billion per year. No problem. Here is an idea lets take money from the middle class which K. Harris says in not so many words and give it to the poor cause the POOR VOTE FOR DEMOCRATS and the middle class tend to like those asshole republicans.

    Sheer idiocy.

    • L. Thomas says:

      Saul Alinsky. Never let them know what you would do. This is a classic example of both of these amateurs throwing bones to the far left whackos who are now running the democratic party and actually breaking their own rules with caviar to the far left anarchists.

      Nancy Pelosi will thank god be given the gavel because only about 1/3 of the party is far left while the rest of the democrats are corporate shills now.

      I once wrote a paper a long time ago in which I said about every four generations or so the parties of America switch positions.

      In America the last time this happened was when FDR took the platform of Teddy Roosevelt and made it his own and the right then became Democrats. That platform was Progressivism that we saw play out during the Depression era.

      Today we are witnessing the right taking on causes the left used to champion while the left is now at least with lip service taking on Republican stances. Corporations. We love the Military.

      While the right is now taking on issues of blocking immigration vs the democrats who were always for blocking immigration because it hurt workers in the USA. Now the GOP is embracing unions even though it will take time for the unions to realize it is the GOP who is their new benefactor and not the Democrats who are obsessed with socialist programs which HURT UNIONS. You know those guys that make 50 bucks an hour. Not gonna happen in a socialist United States.

      I could go on and on but look at what the right elected and is now cheering for. A democrat who has a bunch of Democratic ideas who the left now reject because TRUMP thunk em up. DACA reform, Immigration reform, Rebuilding the inner cities, Prision reform(Something the left has been a champion of for decades but are now balking because yep TRUMP THUNK IT UP) and on and on the list goes of how both parties are starting to switch their political positions.

      In addition these last two election cycles the GOP has received about a 1/3rd as much money from coroprations as has the LEFT. Billionaires are LEGION within the democratic party now. Tech and the MSM are all in bed with the left who are owned and funded by BILLIONAIRES.

      The party of the little guy is now the party of rich billionaires and millionaires and corporate loving codlers. The majority still of the democratic party are all corporatists. Obama was a corporatist. HRC was a corporatist. Coddling wall street while passing regulations that penalized them.

      I could go on but in your lifetimes folks. You are seeing history again as the left and right switch basic political positions as the right starts to see the elitism in the corporate world while the left who is all about elitism sees nothing wrong with it.

      Enjoy the transformation. The reason the last switch was not so contentious was because their was a recession and WW2 to deal with. Today their is Social media and the internet telling us all everytime someone farts. You have a front row seat to history in the making and in the meantime the poor will still be left to rot because the Democrats are still hoping they can have their cake and eat it too.

  5. JGlanton says:

    What’s worse is that no matter how much the left protests and objects that they don’t really mean they want to take all guns or ban all guns, every philosophical argument like this romaine analogy is designed as an underpinning of exactly that. They aren’t arguing, after all, that some disease-infested lettuce is fine. They’re saying it was banned — and not saying, but definitely intending you to conclude, “ban guns, too.” So in other words, besides being dumb, it’s dishonest.

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