Well, What If We Gave The Anti-Shark Shark’s Guns?

The gun grabbers might want to ignore this lunatic, but, then, most of the other gun grabbers are lunatics (via Twitchy)

But, hey, perhaps David would back the bans on catching sharks and skinning their fins off, after which they are just dumped back in the sea. Bad for the biosphere. Reduces the population, which is necessary.

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3 Responses to “Well, What If We Gave The Anti-Shark Shark’s Guns?”

  1. Jl says:

    Imagine the only way to help low-skilled, low income people that are citizens is to illegally import more low-skilled, low-income people.

  2. formwiz says:

    A stat that will blow your little baby mind

    Mass shootings in America
    By decade:
    2010- present 54 so far

    So what happened in the 60s to change all that?

    Jack Kennedy got shot and the Demos started regulating firearms.

    Lefty judges closed the mental institutions.

  3. Deserttrek says:

    no such thing as a shark attack, unless you’re a jet

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