Trump’s Not Happy To Be Part Of Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit Or Something

Apparently, reporter members of the Cult of Climastrology can read minds

Climate change: Trump not happy to be listed in climate case
Young people taking legal action in 10 US states all say their lives and futures are irreparably affected by climate change, writes Caroline O’Doherty

In the US, Donald Trump is among the defendants listed in a climate case and he’s not one bit happy about it.

But then it probably doesn’t help that the people who listed him are children.

They range in age from 11 to 22 — they were aged eight to 19 starting out — and come from 10 states, although half are in the state of Oregon, home to the lead plaintiff, Kelsey Cascadia Rose Juliana.

Kelsey was 19 when she and her co-plaintiffs, with the assistance of the Our Children’s Trust campaign group, filed their case in 2015 against the president personally, the office of the president, seven government departments and their secretaries [ministers], the US Environmental Protection Agency and numerous other federal agencies.

Barack Obama was president at the time and he left the case as a legacy to his successor who has been instructing his legal representatives to block its hearing any way possible.

How does Caroline O’Doherty know that Trump is “not one bit happy about it”? There’s nothing in the screed to substantiate this claim, other than the reality that the Trump admin is trying to squash this suit

They’ve been to the local court in Oregon and to the Supreme Court arguing for an end to “this clearly improper attempt to have the judiciary decide important questions of energy and environmental policy to the exclusion of the elected branches of government”.

Interestingly, Catherine forgets to mention that the Obama administration itself attempted to quash the same suit when it was filed against his administration. And still fought on against it. Does this mean that Obama was “not one bit happy about it”?

But, this is the age of Trump Derangement Syndrome, and how many who read articles such as the one above will do any research or ask questions?

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