November Is The Last Chance To Save Democracy Or Something

Remember this?

And these people are writing for major media outlets, like George Packer for the New Yorker

All That’s Left Is the Vote
The midterm elections are the last obstacle to Trump’s consolidation of power—and the greatest obstacle to voting is the feeling that it doesn’t matter.

In the haze of summer, with books still to be read, weeds pulled, kids retrieved from camp, it’s a little hard to fathom that, three months from now, American democracy will be on the line. The midterm elections in November are the last remaining obstacle to President Trump’s consolidation of power. None of the other forces that might have checked the rise of a corrupt homegrown oligarchy can stop or even slow it. The institutional clout that ended the Presidency of Richard Nixon no longer exists. The honest press, for all its success in exposing daily scandals, won’t persuade the unpersuadable or shame the shameless, while the dishonest press is Trump’s personal amplifier. The federal courts, including the Supreme Court, are rapidly becoming instruments of partisan advocacy, as reliably conservative as elected legislatures. It’s impossible to imagine the Roberts Court voting unanimously against the President, as the Burger Court, including five Republican appointees, did in forcing Nixon to turn over his tapes. (Brett Kavanaugh, Trump’s nominee to succeed Anthony Kennedy, has even suggested that the decision was wrong.) Congress has readily submitted to the President’s will, as if legislation and oversight were burdens to be relinquished. And, when the independent counsel finally releases his report, it will have only the potency that the guardians of the law and the Constitution give it.

Does anyone want to point out to George that Obama did everything pretty much with his pen, because he rarely engaged Congress with dialogue, even the Democrats, instead using his pen to manufacture more rules and regulations? Or that Trump’s administration has been mostly working to reduce those rules and regs, along with many, many others? Nah, let’s just revel in the unhinged scribblings of someone in desperate need of mental health therapy.

And George goes on to whine incessantly about the way Democrats vote in mid-terms, this that and the other, ending with

This year, something seems to be changing. The new faces among Democratic candidates, the new energy behind them, suggest a party of members, not squatters. But, come November, they will have to vote. It’s the only thing left.

Well, they say that every year, don’t they? And then they’re shocked when it doesn’t materialize. But, George is right on one thing: voting is all they have left, because their platform is a mess

Don’t forget abortions available at any time right to the point of delivery, government pays for abortions, government pays for gender reassignment procedures, the gender confused in bathrooms, locker rooms, and changing rooms with little girls, and more and more government control of your life.

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One Response to “November Is The Last Chance To Save Democracy Or Something”

  1. Dachs_dude says:

    You forgot:

    #6 – “Free” health care (rationed to you by the same type of caring people who work at the DMV)

    #7 – Free speech celebrated (dissenting voices will be silenced)

    #8 – Income Inequality Ended – The show shine boy, long haul trucker and the Brain Surgeon will ALL earn the same grinding, poverty wage that buys nothing officially, but the Black Market with thrive.

    #9 – Elimination of the Electoral College and installation of Permanent One Party Rule in the USA, (like California).

    #10 – You will be able to get high, have sex with anyone/anything you like without consequence.

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