You Too Can Plant A Tree Everytime Trump Lies About ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Good news: we have a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and ‘climate change.’ Because Leftists apparently can’t know how to plant a tree without having it explained to them by activists

Here’s how to plant a tree every time Trump says something dumb about climate change

Imagine, for a second, that you had one of those stress balls that you could squish in your palm whenever Trump said something about the environment that really frustrated you.

Now imagine that a tree popped out whenever you used it.

Treespond, a campaign that allows users to sponsor the planting of a tree in response to Trump’s misleading commentary about climate change, launched earlier this week. Treepex, the nonprofit behind Treespond, hopes to harness your political frustration and turn it into carbon sequestering forests.

The idea for the campaign came when Bacho Khachidze, Treepex’s cofounder, noticed how frustrated people got about climate change deniers. “It’s normal to get angry when people with power spread false information about a problem that needs urgent attention, their words can do real damage,” he admitted, “But we wanted to provide people with something actionable they could do that wasn’t, like, screaming back.”

So, they aren’t actually doing something themselves, just paying someone else $9.99 to supposedly plant a tree, for which you get “a certificate with your tree’s ID number, a photograph of the tree, and its geographical location.” Kinda sounds like a scam to me. Does anyone ever audit these schemes?

Oh, then there’s this

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