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…is a wonderful low carbon bike traversing carbon offset purchased trees, you might just be a Warmist

The blog of the day is The Deplorable Climate Science Blog, with a post on the number of forest fires declining.

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31 Responses to “If All You See…”

  1. Jose Illegato says:

    So Putin and the Russians are hacking Dems for the mid-terms. Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill was attacked this time.

    Why do the Russians appear to work for the GOP and tRump?

    We thought tRump had asked his handler, Putin, to knock it off. tRump is tough on NFL Black guys, NATO and CNN, but caters to the Russians. What do they have on him? Pee pee tape, money laundering or both?


    • formwiz says:

      a Daily Beast forensic analysis reveals.

      Oh, wow, a Lefty gossip sheet invested in maintaining the Russia charade says it so it’s entirely credible.

      A little more credible is the fact businesses tied to Senator Claire McCaskill’s family received $131 mil in federal dollars. She’s doing lousy in the polls.

      Are the Russkies hacking the polls, too?

      Or just the Lefties?

      • Jose Illegato says:

        You consider The Hill a lefty gossip sheet? NBC, FOX, Microsoft and CNN, too? (tRump’s vile attacks on our First Amendment protections of the free press are working on the goobers)

        The Daily Beast traced the attempted hack of McCaskill’s staff after comments made by a Microsoft vice president at the Aspen Security Forum earlier this month. Microsoft went to court last year to secure an injunction that allowed the company to seize domain names used by Russian hackers that spoofed, or imitated, Microsoft trademarks as a means of tricking targets into entering their passwords.

        “We did discover that a fake Microsoft domain had been established as the landing page for phishing attacks, and we saw metadata that suggested those phishing attacks were being directed at three candidates who are all standing for elections in the midterm elections,” Burt told attendees at the forum. “We took down that domain and working with the government actually were able to avoid anybody being infected by that particular attack.”

        All The Daily Beast did was find out it was Senator McCaskill. Two other potential victims were not identified but likely will be soon.

        Media Bias/Fact Check rates The Daily Beast as having a left-wing bias (“moderately to strongly biased toward liberal causes”) but a “high” rating for factual reporting. In an April 2018 interview, Avlon described the publication’s political stance as “nonpartisan but not neutral”

        Wow, left bias but factual. The right-wing press should try that. (Forgot – NuCons find facts to be annoying).

        Actually, McCaskill leads the tRump-licker, white nationalist Hawley.

        tRump claims the Russians are helping the Dems in 2018. Do you think the Russian hacking attempts against Senator McCaskill were intended to help her defeat Josh Haulee?

  2. Jalal al-Din says:

    Michael Cohen is prepared to tell prosecutors that tRump knew about the 2016 tRump Tower/Russian agent meeting in advance and approved it.

    Lanny Davis (Cohen’s lawyer) says the tRump camp must have leaked it.

    On a separate but related issue, Judge Napolitano said, referring to the Cohen/tRump tape: “There is an indication of a fraud. And the significance of that is, if the client and the lawyer discuss the commission of a crime or discuss the commission of a fraud, there is no attorney-client privilege in that conversation, meaning the tape can be used by anybody.”

  3. formwiz says:

    He is? Citation or are we taking the word of the weasel’s weasel, Lanny Davis?

    (My God, is this kid desperate)

    BTW Alan Dershowitz says no crime, no foul. Hate to tell you, but the tape is so bad, nobody can tell what’s on it.

    And that is what Judge Nap says. As always, little Jeffery lies. Here’s the first sentence he omits “There doesn’t appear to be any indication of any crime”.

    Napolitano is talking about the ins and outs of attorney-client privilege, not whether Trump is guilty of any crime. And it’s moot anyway since one of trump’s lawyers apparently waived on his own initiative.

    Jeffery is a miserable, gutless little liar. That’s why you never see a citation from him.

  4. Jose Illegato says:

    Would you care if The Don was involved in the tRump Tower/Russian agent meeting to get “dirt” on his opponent, and then lied about it after dictating another lie about the meeting, and then even lying about that!?!

    And you believe tRump, the lyin’ King, and his weasel, Giuliani!?!

    (My God, is this kid desperate)

    And as if you’d believe any citation other than the Gateway Pudendum, FOX, the Daily Caller or Breitbart.

    You’re saying Napolitano did not say that fraud was committed? tRump waived to keep the Special Master from declaring it admissible due to the crime/fraud exception to privilege. Isn’t it weird that the law separates “crime” and “fraud”.

    Like all NuCons, formwhiz is a miserable, gutless little liar.

    We understand why you’re so desperate.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Well Hillary paid a foreign national to gather dirt from Russian sources on her opponent.
      Where’s the special counsel?

      Whining is not winning, little fella.

      How does losing feel?


      • formwiz says:

        Funny how he has to change the subject when he’s shown up.

        And, as I say, Jeffery never cites. Gateway, Fox, and Breit do.

    • formwiz says:

      He said an indication, he did not say a commission. He said he didn’t like the language, but there is no PROOF.

      That’s what you need, and that’s what Mule Ears ain’t got.

  5. Jalal al-Din says:

    Good economic news!

    2Q18 GDP growth is 4.1%…

    the highest since 3Q14, when GDP showed over 5% growth!

    • drowningpuppies says:

      Another win for President Trump.
      Another win for Americans.
      Another sadz for little jeffery keene.


    • formwiz says:

      Try again, sweetie.

      This is another Lefty fantasy, like Willie balancing the budget.

  6. Jeong Bae says:

    PYEONGTAEK, South Korea — Remains believed to be those of 55 American servicemen were flown out of North Korea on Friday, the first visible result of President Trump’s efforts to bring the American war dead home 65 years after the end of combat in the Korean War.

    “We are encouraged by North Korea’s actions and the momentum for positive change,” the White House said in announcing the handover.

    More than 36,000 American troops died in the Korean War. Of them, some 7,700 remain unaccounted for, including 5,300 believed to have died in the North.


    • drowningpuppies says:

      Another win for President Trump.
      Another win for Americans.
      Another sadz for little jeffery keene.


    • formwiz says:

      What, you think they have them neatly stacked in a corner someplace?

      • Jeong Bae says:

        We were showing you GOOD news. Other commenters had claimed that tRump was bringing home remains long ago. But maybe this is just fake good news.

        tRump creates his own reality.

        • drowningpuppies says:

          Little jeffery keene confirms another win from our President and another win for Americans.


  7. Jalal al-Din says:

    President Obama’s win in 3Q14 was much, much bigger than tRump’s 2Q18. In fact, Obama’s was even significantly longer than tRump’s, lasting over two quarters. Let’s see how long tRump can keep it up. America won’t be satisfied unless he can keep it up. Next quarter will be key, since the Chinese bought up a lot of soybeans last quarter to stock up. Consumer spending was high, but business investment dropped. tRump may have prematurely shot his wad.

    He may have to pay off America the way he paid off farmers, Stormy, Kim, Vladimir, Karen and others.

  8. formwiz says:

    How many billion went to Iran?

    And, as al ways, littel Jeffery lies. Here’s the GDP of the Zeroyears.

    • drowningpuppies says:

      When ‘fake news’ and ‘peddling fiction’ meet ‘alternative facts’.

      Kinda like little jeffery keene.


    • Jalal al-Din says:

      Ah, the fake news argument.

      Your confusion is understandable. Quarterly means 3 mo periods, not yearly. Yearly means 12 months because there are 12 months in a year, but only 3 months in a quarter.

      First quarter would be Jan/Feb/Mar, 2nd quarter Apr/May/Jun and so on. See now?

      Obama’s quarters were bigger than tRump’s quarter. How can that be?


      tRump likely will not survive long enough as preznit to see his 2nd year average.

  9. Jl says:

    Trade deficit lowered by 50 billion. More winning!

  10. Just a test come t

  11. J Hosha'na says:

    The Commerce Department said on Friday the (May) trade gap narrowed 6.6 percent to $43.1 billion, the smallest since October 2016.

    You (not tRump) typed:

    Trade deficit lowered by 50 billion.

    But never tRust what tRump says. He ALWAYS lies. As do you if you pass along his lies without checking. It was $43 billion, not 50, and not even the latest data.

    If a $43 billion drop in the May deficit is “winning”, an increase in June must be “losing!”.


  12. Jl says:

    Nope. Talking about the quarterly trade balance, which was projected at about 50 billion, but actual numbers at 46.3 billion https://tradingeconomics.com/united-states/balance-of-trade

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