Rich Person’s Tesla Visualizes Global Warming Or Something

Nothing says “rich people pretending to Do Something while pushing for taxes on the middle and lower classes” like a painted Tesla Model 3, of which the lowest priced one puts in the upper luxury class

Photo of the day: Striped Tesla visualises global warming

You have to hand it to Tesla electric vehicle owners; they’re a devoted bunch.

Mark Hanson – known on Twitter as @NetZeroMN – has made it a point to give his Tesla EV its very own climate change makeover to start a conversation about global warming. (his blog post is here)

It’s not visions of parched earth or extreme weather events, but a simple striped gradation flickering from blues at the top into reds towards towards the bottom.

Via a sign in his car, he elaborates on what the stripes represent.

“The wrap on this car is inspired by Professor Ed Hawkin’s ‘Warming Stripes’ graphic,” Hanson explains.

Here’s what it looks like

Must be nice to drop $70k, $80k, $134K on a car made with all sorts of precious metals, leaving all sorts of messes behind. Even Salon finds that the car isn’t as green as you think.

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