“Immigrants” Are Being Forced Into Exile Like Ancient Jews Or Something

Liberal #1: “how can we continue to protest the detainment of illegal aliens?” Liberal #2: “let’s turn that amplifier up to 11.” Credentialed Media: “don’t worry, we’ll equate illegal aliens with lawful immigrants to hook you up”

‘People are being forced into exile:’ Durham group protests immigration policies

Members of the Jewish community were in Durham on Saturday night, taking a stand against immigration policies they call unjust.

In the Jewish community, Tisha B’Av is the day on the calendar to mourn for the destruction of Jewish temples and the persecution of Jews throughout history.

Saturday night, Carolina Jews for Justice observed Tisha B’Av by holding a march and ceremony at the Durham courthouse to protest immigration policies that are separating families at the border.

Those observing Tisha B’Av said there are many similarities between what the Jewish community faced centuries ago and what immigrants are experiencing today.

“It’s not a far link to really know that in this moment, in this place that we as a Jewish community in North Carolina live today, there is a community of people that is being destroyed. Families are being torn apart and people are being forced into expulsion and exile,” said Dove Kent with Carolina Jews for Justice.

Tisha B’av primarily commemorates the destruction of the holy temples in Jerusalem. Secondly, it commemorates tragedies that have befallen Jews over time, such as “most notably the expulsion of the Jews from Spain in 1492 and from England in 1290.” Yes, these nutbags are really equating the detention and temporary separation of illegal aliens (often to check to see if the adults really are the parents, and not smugglers or child slavers), and deportation of people who have broken our laws, with Jew hatred. Which these Democrat Jews forget is rampant within the Democrat party.

Where were they when Obama was in office and kids were in cages?

Oh, and then there’s this one (via Twitchy)

They claim they’re refugees and asylum seekers and they’re being given food and shelter, making the safer than the places they claim are too dangerous for them. But, hey, if they don’t like these state of affairs. they can head north to Canada. Or back through Mexico. Or back to their originating nation. Or somewhere else. We didn’t ask them to come here unlawfully. Leave.

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24 Responses to ““Immigrants” Are Being Forced Into Exile Like Ancient Jews Or Something”

  1. Truth-hammer says:

    Oy vey! It’s annudah Holohoax!

  2. bandit six actual says:

    With these folks making believe that all of this started with the present admin, and completely ignoring that their messiahs(barry santoro) henchmen, were doing even worse to kids. It impossible to believe any of their other tales.

  3. NITZAKHON says:

    American Jews, wake up. You’re being USED by the Left… and then you will be discarded like Kleenex after the blow.

  4. J Hosha'na says:

    We’re sure the anti-Jewish far right know more Jewish history than Jewish people do.

    Remember “Jews Won’t Replace Us!!” chanted by tRump’s “fine people” in Charlottesville? Those “fine people” killed a girl while there.

    tRump’s fine people need to crawl back in their holes.

    • NITZAKHON says:

      An Open Letter to my Fellow American Jews

      I know, full well, my history. And I know how Tikkun Olam is being twisted.

      • J Hosha'na says:

        Do you think American Jews aren’t smart enough to make their own decisions?

        The far-right doesn’t believe American Blacks are smart enough or moral enough to vote in their own best interests. Do you think that also applies to American Jews?

        An objective look at the evidence shows that it is not in working class whites’ own economic interests to continually vote for the NuGOP. Republican tax, labor, union, trade, fiscal and monetary, patent and copyright policies enrich the wealthy at the expense of the working classes.

    • formwiz says:

      Jeffery better watch shooting off his mouth.

      Nobody seems to hate Jews more than the anti-Semitic mainstream Left.

      Whose side are the Demos on when it comes to the A-rabs and Israel?

      Remember who tried to fix Netanyahu’s re-election.

      • covjefe says:


        Jeffery better watch shooting off his mouth.

        Or what?

        What do you have in mind to keep me from commenting?

        • formwiz says:

          No, no, my dear boy. No one wants you to keep commenting more than I.

          I enjoy showing up your comments for the foolish rants they are. I enjoy realizing Donald Trump’s opposition is as simple and facile as you are, believing anything the Left feeds you without question.

          But, if you keep making this big a fool of yourself, your masters may well shut you down.

  5. Jl says:

    Now that’s a good one- “the far right (notice it’s always ‘far right’) doesn’t believe blacks are smart enough or moral enough to vote in their own best interests.” This from the party that believes blacks aren’t smart enough to obtain an I.D. to vote, nor smart enough to get into college without government help. In fact, this is the party that came up with “disparate impact”. They were not pleased that laws or conditions imposed on everyone leads to different outcomes. “We have to help blacks-they’re not smart enough..”

    • covjefe says:

      What do you prefer if not “far-right”? If you support tRump you can’t be considered “conservative”. Do you prefer “white nationalist”, “alt right”, or just “tRump supporter”?

      Liberals believe in helping those disadvantaged by centuries of conservative policies.

      • formwiz says:

        The little Lefty troll wants to tell us who a Conservative is. Isn’t that special?

        I’m sure he means people like Songbird McCain. And it’s the mainstream Left that haters the Jews.

        Right after the Kremlin told them to 50 years ago.

        Liberals believe in helping those disadvantaged by centuries of conservative policies.

        Riight. It’s all that socialism that created the biggest middle class in world history.

  6. Jl says:

    There’s no “far right” unless first there’s just the “right”.
    You mean the Democratic Party policies of the south? Yes, that’s true.
    Institutionalized racism (affirmative action, quotas, ect), to try and “help” is still….racism.

  7. Jl says:

    If Dems really wanted to help blacks, they’d first get them out of the Democratic-run shithole cities that many of them live in.

    • covjefe says:

      You mean the Democratic Party policies of the south?

      Yes, the southern Democrats were conservative racists. They are now at home in the Party of Trump.

      How would you force Black Americans to move? A Trail of Tears scenario?

      Where would you like them to go?

      For a dozen decades white Americans enjoyed absolute affirmative action. Should we just ignore that awful history?

      • formwiz says:

        For a dozen decades white Americans enjoyed absolute affirmative action

        Tell it to the Irish. Or the Germans,. Or the Italians. Or the Jews.

        All white Southerners are racists? you want to push that one? Really?

        Most of the racists are still in the Democrat Party. Kerosene Maxine, Jessuh Jackson, Rev Al, Zippy Obama and his wife, Mike; you know, your idols.

    • jefferson says:

      Sorry, J, the conservative racists, white nationalists and xenophobes are now solidly in the Republican camp. They had to go somewhere once the Dems dumped them.

      Why even argue about that? The GOP is 90% white. Evangelical Christians and Mormons align with the GOP. Muslim, Black protestant, no religion, Jewish prefer the Democratic party. The GOP has older voters than the Dems. Southern whites now align with the GOP. White men without college degrees align with the GOP.

      • formwiz says:

        They had to go somewhere once the Dems dumped them.

        When did this purge happen?

        Not under Franklin Roosevelt. Not under the Kennedys or LBJ. Not under the Ozark Mafia.

        And guess what?

        Blacks are dumping the Demos, so are Hispanics, and kids are starting to (dare I say?) WalkAway.

        • covjefe says:


          The monopoly that the Democratic Party held over most of the South first showed major signs of breaking apart in 1948, when many Southern Democrats, dissatisfied with the policies of desegregation enacted during the administration of Democratic President Harry Truman, created the States Rights Democratic Party, which nominated South Carolina Governor Strom Thurmond for president and Mississippi Governor Fielding L. Wright for vice president. The “Dixiecrats” managed to win many Southern states, but collapsed as a party soon after the election, with effectively all members returning to the Democratic Party.

          The Civil Rights Act of 1964, signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson, a Democrat from the Southern state of Texas, led many Southern Democrats to vote for Barry Goldwater at the national level. In the ensuing years, the increasing conservatism of the Republican Party compared to the liberalism of the Democratic Party (especially on social and cultural issues) led many more conservative white Democrats in the South to vote Republican.

          • formwiz says:

            Hate to tell you, sweetie, but it was the Republican party that voted in the civil rights acts.

            The South was repelled by the hippie dippy Commie-directed antics of the New Left. The South was also becoming more industrialized and Northerners were moving in, not only to work, but to retire there. That’s why they went Republican. In the 60s, 40 – 50% of most Southern states’ population were born in the North.

            As the great Zell Miller told us, “I didn’t leave the Democrat Party. The Democrat Party left me”. It had less to do with race than it had with culture.

            But your trollmasters let you make a fool of yourself yet again.

          • J Hosha'na says:

            Sweetie? I’m flattered, but sorry Charlie, I’m a straight married man.

            But as a good liberal I recognize that you have the right to your own lifestyle.


          • covjefe says:

            Zell Miller also said at the Keynote Address for Bill Clinton:

            We can’t all be born rich and handsome and lucky. And that’s why we have a Democratic Party. My family would still be isolated and destitute if we had not had F.D.R.’s Democratic brand of government. I made it because Franklin Delano Roosevelt energized this nation. I made it because Harry Truman fought for working families like mine. I made it because John Kennedy’s rising tide lifted even our tiny boat. I made it because Lyndon Johnson showed America that people who were born poor didn’t have to die poor. And I made it because a man with whom I served in the Georgia Senate, a man named Jimmy Carter, brought honesty and decency and integrity to public service.

            Still things the Dems promote. It seems as if Mr. Miller DID leave the party.

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