‘Climate Change’ Is Disrupting The Seasons Or Something

Obviously, the climate of the Earth had been utterly stable up till mankind invented the fossil fueled automobile

Climate change may be starting to disrupt planet’s seasons
Humans are pushing seasonal temperatures out of balance, research shows.

Poring through four decades of satellite data, climate scientists have concluded for the first time that humans are pushing seasonal temperatures out of balance – shifting what one researcher called the very “march of the seasons themselves.”

Ever-mindful of calculable uncertainty and climate deniers, the authors give “odds of roughly 5 in 1 million” of these changes occurring naturally, without human influence.

Climate scientists are continually sifting through evidence looking for what they call “fingerprints.” Over the years, they’ve teased out the human signal from Earthly noise in annual and decade-spanning temperature records, marine chemistryand rapid Arctic change.

What they discovered is an uneven pace of seasonal change in the atmosphere above the Northern and Southern Hemispheres’ temperate zones. While warming is global, summers in the troposphere are heating faster than winters, in a way physics would dictate if greenhouse gases were the culprit. The satellite data and computer models for seasonal temperature change used by the study agree with each other even more closely than they do when gauging average annual temperature.

These people. Funny how they ignore an 18+ year pause in rising global temperatures, and leave out the cooling of the late 40’s into the mid 1970’s. They ignore that there were multiple warm periods during the Holocene. What caused the Roman Warm Period? They’ll tell us “oh, that was natural back then, but, not now”, and then they’ll jump in their fossil fueled vehicle to engage in some consumerism before heading back to their fossil fuels heated/cooled homes.

This whole thing looks like astrology.

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6 Responses to “‘Climate Change’ Is Disrupting The Seasons Or Something”

  1. jefferson says:

    Funny how they ignore an 18+ year pause in rising global temperatures.

    Unless you can back that claim with evidence we’ll consider that a denia-lie.

    Can you point out the pause in the temperature record? We assume you start cherry picking with the El Nino year 1998. The temperature trend from 1998 to 2018 is 0.19C per decade. From 1998 to 2016 is 0.14C per decade. Is that the pause? In that it warmed at a slightly lower rate? If you go back thirty years 1989 to 2018 it’s 0.19C per decade. If you cherry pick from the high in 1998 to the low (2012) you still calculate warming of 0.1C per decade.

    Here’s some red meat for you. Pick 1998 to start, and end at 2000. The trend then is 2.1C COOLING per decade over those two years!!

    And yes, poring through 4 decades of records would miss the Roman Climate Optimum (a European warm period).

    The scientists concluded that the there are changes in the timing of the seasons.

    In your opinion, what is the “natural” cause for the current warming?

    • Bill589 says:

      Scientific evidence supports the fact that the climate has always changed.

      Giving government more money and power doesn’t change that fact.

    • formwiz says:

      That great big yellow ball up in the sky?

      • Jalal al-Din says:

        The Sun has been in a cool phase the last several decades.

        If you mean that the energy from the Sun is being retained by greenhouse gases, you’d be right.

  2. CM Dutch says:

    Most will agree that the earth has seen several ice ages. What I fail to understand, how did we get from ice age to the next?

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