Ireland Becomes First Nation To Divest From Fossil Fuels (Which Government Will Still Use)

This is supposed to be super duper crazy big news, especially for a nation that is 2nd worst for tackling Hotcoldwetdry in Europe

From the article (which is basically mirrored all over the leftist news as being super awesome news)

The Republic of Ireland will become the world’s first country to sell off its investments in fossil fuel companies, after a bill was passed with all-party support in the lower house of parliament.

The state’s €8bn national investment fund will be required to sell all investments in coal, oil, gas and peat “as soon as is practicable”, which is expected to mean within five years. Norway’s huge $1tn sovereign wealth fund has only partially divested from fossil fuels, targeting some coal companies, and is still considering its oil and gas holdings.

The fossil fuel divestment movement has grown rapidly and trillions of dollars of investment funds have been divested, including large pension funds and insurerscities such as New Yorkchurches and universities.

Supporters of divestment say existing fossil fuel resources are already far greater than can be burned without causing catastrophic climate change and that exploring and producing more fossil fuels is therefore morally wrong and economically risky. However, some critics argue say that remaining as shareholders and persuading fossil fuel companies to change can be more effective.

Soooooooo, the government is just selling its investments, and won’t actually stop using fossil fuels? They’ll still use them for their fossil fueled garbage collection, at airports, road repair, elected politicians and non-elected bureaucrats traveling around the country and the world? This is just silly “look at what we’re doing!!!!!” action, which really does little.

The Irish fossil fuel divestment bill was passed in the lower house of parliament on Thursday and it is expected to pass rapidly through the upper house, meaning it could become law before the end of the year. The Irish state investment fund holds more than €300m in fossil fuel investments in 150 companies.

So, for all the hyperventilating from Warmist news orgs this hasn’t actually been passed and become law? Huh.

Éamonn Meehan, executive director of international development charity Trócaire, said: “Today the Oireachtas [Irish parliament] has sent a powerful signal to the international community about the need to speed up the phase-out of fossil fuels.”

But, it’s not actually being phased out. Government are still using it, as does the private sector. Bunch of climahypocrites.

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  1. formwiz says:

    Get ready for another flood of Micks when this goes South.

    My mother’s family was one of the first to come over last time. In ’45.


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