Youth Climate Movement Shockingly Pushing Anti-Capitalism And SJW Insanity

Who’s surprised that the little budding members of the Cult of Climastrology are pushing a whole raft of far left Progressive SJW measures (via Twitchy)

Let’s see it

On the frontlines of climate change is the Global South, People Of Color, Indigenous Peoples, Youth, People with Disabilities, Poor People, Women, Queer and Trans People, and People belonging to marginalized faiths.

In our youth movement to combat climate change, we uplift the youth voices of these communities.

Youth leadership is transformational and visionary. Youth must lead because they have always shifted culture towards progress and collective liberation.

Systems of oppression (capitalism, colonialism, racism, and patriarchy) have led to climate change, therefore we must shift our culture away from these systems.

Intersectional movement-building is the only way we can achieve collective liberation because working together on intersecting issues will unify communities who wish to join our struggle for a safe and healthy future for all.

The same climaidiots are sending this out using things like capitalist created Internet, WiFi, smartphones, tablets, and computers, wearing clothes made by capitalist companies (the man-bun creation is commie).

Anyhow, this kind of SJW shtick is why so many tune out from ‘climate change’, because they see this type of insane language and say “these people are nuts, and apparently received their language training from the old Soviet Union propagandists.”

The people must take action rather than waiting for elected officials to lead.

Go for it. Give up your own use of fossil fuels and make your lives carbon neutral

The elected officials must comply with the demands of the youth, therefore they must pass and enforce legislation and support policies that protect life and our future on this planet.

This is a revolution.

Oh, right, they want Government to Do Something. I wonder how they’ll feel about their “revolution” when their cost of living skyrockets and a small cup of foo foo coffee at Starbucks costs $10? When the non-GMO range free fair trade uber-sustainable tofu triples in price? When their use of smartphones is limited due to the cost of energy, rationing, and planned brownouts/blackouts?

And people who eat Tide pods are not particularly scary when talking about revolution. Especially not from their parent’s house.

They also claim they will be non-violent, peaceful, humble, and extend the hand of friendship. Of course, this only applies if you believe exactly as they do.

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5 Responses to “Youth Climate Movement Shockingly Pushing Anti-Capitalism And SJW Insanity”

  1. drowningpuppies says:

    (the man-bun creation is commie).


  2. Jl says:

    So the libs don’t have to argue their “point”, they add the word “justice” to whatever their cause of the day is. Social justice, climate justice, ect. We couldn’t tell you what it means, but it sounds good, right?

  3. covjefe says:

    One could argue that the current rapid warming (with no end in sight) is occurring, at least in part, by the market failure (capitalism) of not assigning a meaningful cost to the negative externality of greenhouse gases causing the warming. The current rapid warming negatively impacts the poor more than the wealthy.

    And China has their own ‘hockey stick’ of CO2 emissions, with a rapid increase beginning in 2000, surpassing the US emissions in 2005. What happened in the 1990s to jump start China’s economy? It’s when they became a market country (capitalism!). They joined the WTO in 2001. The Chinese economy will overtake the US economy later this century (They have 4 times the US population). To their credit, they are striving to have only electric vehicles by 2030 to cut down local air pollution but if the primary source of electricity is still coal fired plants it’s still a problem.

    On the other hand, it is capitalism that has enabled billions of world citizens better lives, and is the only hope for continuing that.

    The obvious solution is not to eliminate capitalism but to control it to serve human interests. We do this all the time. It would be more efficient in terms of market transactions if manufacturers could just dump their pollutants into the atmosphere, the ground or the waters. But modern economies control those for social reasons. It would benefit a company if there were no rules governing worker health and safety, or if there were not child labor laws or if unions were banned.

  4. Professor Hale says:

    “Marginalized faiths?” Is that like David Koresh’s little sex cult? It probably doesn’t include any form of Christianity with more than 200 years of roots.

  5. formwiz says:

    Yeah, we’re having a really sweltering July here. Mid-80s, nice sleeping at night.

    And, oh, yes, by all means let’s control capitalism, but who, O who, is going to determine what human interests are? Oh, I know, the Socialists. Their ideas always work.

    And, of course, business hasn’t changed in 100 years or so. Industry can still find a use for illiterate 8 year olds, right? And the unions always operate in their members’ best interests. Sure, they do.

    negative externality of greenhouse gases causing the warming

    What college website gave you that one?

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