Trump Looks For Deal With Mexico To Reduce Illegal Immigration

This is an interesting idea, and could eventually lead to what I’ve recommended: if people want asylum, they need to apply to the US embassy in their home country

U.S. and Mexico discuss deal that could slash migration at the border

While President Trump regularly berates Mexico for “doing nothing” to stop illegal migration, behind the scenes the two governments are considering a deal that could drastically curtail the cross-border migration flow.

The proposal, known as a “safe third country agreement,” would potentially require asylum seekers transiting through Mexico to apply for protection in that nation rather than in the United States. It would allow U.S. border guards to turn back such asylum seekers at border crossings and quickly return to Mexico anyone who has already entered illegally seeking refuge, regardless of their nationality.

U.S. officials believe this type of deal would discourage many Central American families from trying to reach the United States. Their soaring numbers have strained U.S. immigration courts and overwhelmed the U.S. government’s ability to detain them. The Trump administration says the majority are looking for jobs — rather than fleeing persecution — and are taking advantage of American generosity to gain entry and avoid deportation.

“We believe the flows would drop dramatically and fairly immediately” if the agreement took effect, said a senior Department of Homeland Security official, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss negotiations with the Mexican government, which the official said had gathered momentum in recent weeks.

The number of illegal aliens claiming asylum from Central America have jumped since Obama took office (there was a quick uptick during the early Bush years, which went down), while the number who are actually approved has not. Overall, it’s about 7.4%. It was not just the welcoming attitudes of Obama and his Democrats, but illegals gaming the system with false claims.

This would be a good start in requiring all the potential illegals to work through a system, rather than just showing up.

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One Response to “Trump Looks For Deal With Mexico To Reduce Illegal Immigration”

  1. Professor Hale says:

    I wonder what is in the deal for Mexico. On the face of it, it seems to increase their burden without giving them anything to compensate. A one-sided deal is no deal. There must be a carrot or a stick hidden in there somewhere.

    The right answer is:
    1. Global announcement that the USA no longer takes in Asylum seekers for any reason. Asylum is a limited program to give humanitarian assistance to groups for a limited time. Like East Germans escaping Communism. Or Cubans escaping Communism. Or Chinese escaping Communism. See the pattern? Now that we have communism in our country, all those programs no longer matter.
    2. People who wish to travel or immigrate to the USA should apply for a VISA in their home country.
    3. People found in the USA illegally will be permanently banned from re-entry and from ever getting any sort of VISA. Permanently.
    4. People found illegally in the USA will be caned before being expelled. No jail time. No detention. No judge. No release into the US population. Catch. Cane. Return to home country.
    5. Second offense: Cane, Tattoo on the face, and return to home country.
    6. Third offense: Death. Commit any violent crime against a US citizen while in the country illegally and you get death. A max of 365 days for appeals. (that’s called “due process”.

    American jails are for American criminals. Foreigners need to go home.

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