Thanks To Trump’s ‘Climate Change’ Policies, Heat Waves Will Be 12F Warmer Or Something

It’s all in the future, of course. But, we can fix this with a tax. Excitable Joe Romm is being excitable

Heat waves bother you? Under Trump climate policies, add another add 12°F

Extreme heat has smashed temperature records around the country and around the world in the past week alone.

Many of those “records” cited are based on poorly cited stations, such as in Scotland, Ouargla, Africa, and Los Angeles. No matter, with a Climanarrative to push

But if we fail to significantly curb emissions of carbon pollution — the path set forth by President Trump’s climate policies — then these severe and deadly heatwaves will become the normal summer weather over the next few decades.

Typical five-day heat waves in the U.S. will be 12°F warmer by mid-century alone, according to the U.S. National Climate Assessment (NCA), which the White House itself reviewed and approved last November.

Other studies also show the devastating heat-related impacts the nation and the world face from Trump’s policies of abandoning the Paris climate deal, undoing Obama-era climate rules, and boosting carbon pollution.

For instance, America (and much of the world) will start seeing monster “humid heat waves” — where the heat index hits a fatal 131°F — every other year by century’s end.

All because Trump pulled the U.S. out of a pact that was not sent to the Senate to make it official. Funny part is, most of the 1st World nation that signed on to Paris have failed to even get close to their pledges, and the 2nd and 3rd world nations just want their money so they can build more airports and such.

But, this is not science, because there’s no way to truly prove this. When it doesn’t happen, Warmists will simply claim that their policies stopped their prognostications from happening.

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