Governments Aren’t Doing Enough On ‘Climate Change’ (scam) Or Something

In your best Jerry Seinfeld voice, “isn’t it funny how it always boils down to empowering Government with more and more power?”

When it comes to climate change, our governments are letting us down
Commentary: At the cutting edge of green energy tech, there’s a common thread: Governments aren’t doing enough to secure our future.

For the past few months, the CNET team has been working on a series of stories about green energy and the role technology and innovation play in pushing renewable energy to the forefront.

We called the series “Fight the Power” because there was a clear common thread. Almost everyone we interviewed in green energy projects cited a lack of government support. It was a constant theme: Change was occurring, but it was occurring in spite of Australia’s federal government. The support wasn’t there. These people were literally fighting the power.

With Fight the Power, we wanted to shine a spotlight on those trying to rescue the environment from the people who govern it.

Got that? It’s all on Government forcing compliance. At what point does personal responsibility come into play? Why does it always come down to getting the government to force citizens and private entities to act in a certain RightThink manner?

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