Worried About ‘Climate Change’? Investing In Abortion On Demand Must Be Part Of The Solution

Any time Progressives/Leftists/Marxists/Etc start yammering on about “reproductive health”, they may mention some things, but what they really mean at the base root is abortion and limiting black, brown, and Oriental people in 3rd world nations

Worried About Climate Change? Investing in Reproductive Health Must Be Part of the Solution

By investing in family planning we can transform lives, improve health and economic outcomes, and help reduce our impact on the climate, but right now family planning is scarcely part of the conversation, writes Chris Turner, CEO of Marie Stopes International Australia (MSIA).

While politicians deliberate and access to global climate funding becomes increasingly technocratic, it seems the most effective approach to climate change may indeed be one of the simplest.

Since the invention of the contraceptive pill in the 1950’s, access to modern contraception has driven some of the key demographic and social changes in history. It has delivered improved health outcomes for mothers and babies as women are able to wait longer between births or delay having their first child. It created demographic shifts, as populations have fewer dependents and a more productive labour force. It has empowered girls and women to stay in school longer, seek higher education and participate in the formal economy. And now recent research has determined that contraception also has a key role to play in addressing climate change.

It’s also a great way for 1st World white Warmist nags to limit reproduction in the people they see as inferior, much like their goddess, Margaret Sanger, saw them.

Thankfully these choices aren’t exclusive, but right now family planning is scarcely part of the conversation. More than 100 million women have an identified but unmet need for family planning in Asia. By investing in family planning to reach more of these women, we can transform their lives, improve health and economic outcomes and help to reduce our impact on the climate as well as improve our ability to respond to the coming changes.

Also, by involving government with this, it gives government more control over the lives of people. Through all the flowery talk about empowerment and stuff, the Warmists really want to push population control, abortion, and government dominance. Some may think this is conspiracy talk, but, add it all up by looking at what Warmists/Progressives say.

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One Response to “Worried About ‘Climate Change’? Investing In Abortion On Demand Must Be Part Of The Solution”

  1. 100 Million is a nice round number.

    Genocide by family planning is good
    Genocide by cluster bombs is bad.
    Genocide by intentionally spread malaria is good.
    Genocide by intentionally spread smallpox is bad.

    This is all so confusing.

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