Green Nags Look To Ban Parents From Driving Their Kids To School

While there’s certainly something to be said for fossil fueled vehicles putting out actual pollutants which does not include carbon dioxide, as typical, the nags are out in force, and everything you need to know is in the UK Guardian subhead. And remember, this is in the UK

Clean-air campaigners call for ban on school run to cut pollution
Government urged to take steps to reduce the impact of toxic air on vulnerable children

Clean-air campaigners have written to the government calling for a ban on parents driving their children to school in an attempt to cut down on toxic levels of air pollution.

Environmental groups and medics warn that pollution from the school run is having a serious impact on young people’s health.

Last year, the Guardian revealed that hundreds of thousands of children were being exposed to dangerous levels of air pollution outside schools, colleges and nurseries.

Now new figures from the Department of Transport show that that one in four cars on the road at peak times are on the school run.

The gas they’re focusing on is NO2, particularly as it emenates from the use of diesel fuel, which, if you remember, was pushed hard as a means of reducing “carbon pollution.” It’s funny, though, how they always want to use government force on behavior, though, eh?

Jenni Wiggle from the charity Living Streets, which has written to the transport minister, Jesse Norman, said more children walking meant fewer vehicles on the road and improved air quality for everyone.

“We would like to see more local authorities working with schools to ban people from driving up to the school gate – adding to air pollution, congestion and road danger during drop off and pick-up.

“Walking to school not only improves our air quality but is a great way for children to build more exercise into their daily lives, helping them to arrive to school healthier, happier and ready to learn.”

All they’ll have to worry about, at least in certain parts of the UK, is getting stabbed by all the “refugees”. Or sexually harassed by the same. Cause, it’s also funny that the Progressive push to go soft on crime had made it too dangerous for kids to actually walk or ride their bikes to school, like they did in my time. Oh, and the integration push, whether it be for race or economics, forces kids to go to schools too far away to walk or ride their bikes.

And restricting parents from using their cars and getting kids on buses is also a great way for the Government to control people. Sounds like we’re in tin-foil hat territory, but, this is what they have said they want to do.

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  1. Close the public schools. The answer to so many problems is right there in front of our faces.

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