“Study”: Global Warming Is Real And The Oceans Are Eating It Or Something

Another recitation of Cult of Climastrology talking points

Yet another study concludes that global warming is real

A new look at historical ocean temperatures confirms what climate models have already said: The ocean – and therefore the world – is heating up.

Abraham: “Turns out 93 percent of the global warming heat goes into the ocean. So if you really want to know global warming, you’ve really got to measure ocean warming.”

A couple points on this “study”

  • There is no link to the study included in the piece, which is from Yale Climate Connections
  • This is not proof of anthropogenic causation. Just warming. Which happens in periods throughout the Holocene (and sure other periods)
  • YCC is very much a Cult of Climastrology propaganda outlet, so we can infer that they mean man-caused climate change is causing the warming which is being eaten by the oceans.
  • There’s no explanation as to why this suddenly seemed to happen recently, but not necessarily in the past.

But, then, this isn’t about science.

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One Response to ““Study”: Global Warming Is Real And The Oceans Are Eating It Or Something”

  1. Jeffery says:

    The Oceans Are Eating It Or Something

    This may be a total surprise to Denialists, but the oceans are actually part of the globe! The oceans are also warming.

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