Millennials Are Super Excited To Let Someone Else Deal With Hotcoldwetdry

Millennials are probably the one group that cares the most about ‘climate change’, other than the elitists who stand to gain a lot of money and power by pushing the issue, yet, there’s a bit of a problem (via Watts Up With That?)

(MBG)  When it comes to easing climate change, a lot of the onus is placed on millennials. Considering environmental issues garnered mainstream attention as they were growing up, and their future is less certain than that of generations past, it makes sense that 20- and 30-somethings are tasked with such a big responsibility. But are they up for the challenge?

A new study asked thousands of millennials how they’re taking action on environmental issues, and their answers were a mixed bag. While millennials are reportedly less inclined to take small personal actions like recycle, ditch plastic water bottles, and adjust the thermostat to save energy, they are significantly more likely to support companies that they perceive to have strong environmental values. The Shelton Group, the eco-minded market research firm behind the study, has an interesting theory as to why this is.

In other words, not only are they uninterested in ever taking tiny steps to Walk The Talk of their beliefs, they really want Someone Else to do something. Or, realistically, Someone Else who says the Right Things, regardless of whether their actual actions matches their words.

Millennials are fervent believers that climate change is an issue that needs to be dealt with, and 82 percent of them are concerned about how it will influence their children’s quality of life. But for many, this concern seems to have morphed into a slight helplessness. Nowadays, millennials are doubting their ability to make a dent in such a huge issue and are instead choosing to support companies that have a larger perceived impact.

It’s kinda hard to take action when they’re taking lots of pictures of their food and themselves in mirrors.

Anyway, good luck with this, Cult of Climastrology, when the future generation won’t even recycle.

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