Entitled Millionaire NFL Players Ask For SJW Month

And this is how you kill a sport by driving a large chunk of your fan base away

Memo: NFL players ask Roger Goodell for support in racial equality campaign

Current and former NFL players campaigning for racial equality and criminal justice reform wrote a lengthy memo to league commissioner Roger Goodell officially seeking overt league support in their effort, including an endorsement for an activism awareness month, Yahoo Sports has learned.

The 10-page memo, obtained by Yahoo Sports, was sent to Goodell and executive vice president of football operations Troy Vincent in August, requesting wide-ranging involvement in their movement from the NFL. The memo seeks an investment of time and education, political involvement, finances and other commitments from the league. It also sought to have the NFL endorse the month of November as an activism awareness month, similar to the periods of league calendar dedicated to breast cancer awareness and military recognition.

It was endorsed by four players: Seattle Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett, Philadelphia Eagles safety Malcolm Jenkins, former Buffalo Bills wideout Anquan Boldin and Eagles wideout Torrey Smith.

What could possibly go wrong? They can blame the hurricanes, but, what of this past weekend? What of when the ratings keep dropping, because fans tune into their own team, but tune out to the others which they would normally watch? If the NFL tries this, or, really, even pays lip service to it, the ratings will drop like a stone, merchandising will collapse, and there won’t be the money to pay these same entitled players their millions per year.

But, hey, if they really want racial equality, then there needs to be a cap on players by race. So, we’d have to cut the number of Blacks in the NFL down to no more than 14%, while increasing the number of Whites, Latinos, and Asians, among others. Seems fair, right?

Oh, and if they want to do all this, why don’t they put their own money where their mouths are, instead of Demanding that the NFL pony up?

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