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Warmists Freak Over Removal Of “Change” From Government Websites

It’s literally the worst thing Evah! (Daily Caller)  Activists characterized a federal agency’s decision to scrape the term climate “change” from its website as a type of “cleansing,” even though the agency contends the alteration is minor. The National Institute of Environmental Health Science changed a headline on its website from “Climate Change and Human […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible automatic clothes washing machine, which uses non-renewable water, and Other People should hand wash clothes instead, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is This ain’t Hell…., with a post on your Friday feel good stories. BTW, hopefully everything will be normal today. Dreamhost got hit with a […]

NY Times Is Suddenly Very Concerned About Executive Pardons

At least when it comes to one person, the NYT Editorial Board is upset Say No to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, Mr. Trump By pardoning an official who showed contempt for a judge, the president would show contempt for American courts. It would be difficult for President Trump, who has insulted judges and tried to interfere […]

Soon To Be Fired SportsCenter Host: ESPN Should Focus On *GASP* Sports

People have long gotten tired of all the politics and social justice warrioring on sports broadcasts. There are plenty of liberals who do not want to hear it. They just want sports. If they were advocating conservative views (not that they would or do), I wouldn’t want to hear it. Wrong forum for it. (Mediaite) […]

Unsurprisingly, Warmists Are Bringing ‘Climate Change’ Into Discussion Of Hurricane Harvey

Media members of the Cult of Climastrology are cute, in a deranged, cultish kind of way. First up, the HuffPost’s Lydia O’Conner Texans Brace For ‘Life-Threatening’ Hurricane Harvey To Hit Friday A large swath of Texas began bracing for intense rainfall and flooding as Hurricane Harvey neared its coast Thursday. Harvey could be the first […]

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