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Good News: The World Is On Fire Because You Ate A Hamburger

The latest in doom from Greenpeace The world is on fire A huge wildfire is raging in Greenland. 150 km from the Arctic Circle and just 50 km away from Greenland’s ice sheet, large swathes of tundra have been burning for over a week. Nobody has seen anything like this in recent times. It’s rare, but […]

If All You See…

…is a horrible, superstorm causing plastic bottle of water, you might just be a Warmist The blog of the day is Pacific Pundit, with a post on more insane anti-Trump people. BTW, as I always write when I mention plastic, please recycle. It’s good for the real environment.

Law Scholars Urge Trump to Ignore Federal Law On Young Illegal Aliens

What’s the point of being a law scholar if you do not want to follow the law? This is the story that’s making the rounds through lots of outlets Law scholars urge Trump to keep program for young immigrants A group of legal scholars is urging President Donald Trump to keep a program protecting hundreds […]

If You’re Into Identity Politics, Nothing Should Be More Important Than ‘Climate Change’ Or Something

Interestingly, many people attempt to take me to task for my long held notion that the anthropogenic climate change movement is primarily about politics. Leftist politics. And nutty Cult Of Climastrology members like the UK Guardian keep proving me right If you care about identity politics your priority has to be saving the planet Someone […]

Washington Post Decides To Make Potential Civil War In Venezuela All About Trump

I remember an article, long long ago, somewhere in 2006, where a liberal nutjob suffering from Bush Derangement Syndrome was profiled. She would wake up early, because life under George W. Bush was just too much to deal with, then grab a non-alcoholic beer, chain-smoke, and wonder “what she should scream about this day”. Should […]

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