New Leftist Fantasy: Decision On Paris Climate Agreement Is Impeachable Offense

Do Leftists ever get tired of unhinged moonbattery from their comrades?  Do they ever shake their heads, do a facepalm, and say “stop, please, this is as embarrassing as a drunk friend sharting themselves at a fancy swimsuit party with super-models”? Probably not

(Daily Caller) A liberal law professor wrote a lengthy op-ed claiming President Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the Paris climate accord is a “crime against humanity” that is an “impeachable offense.”

“Trump’s withdrawal from the climate agreement constitutes an impeachable offense,” Marjorie Cohn, a professor emerita at Thomas Jefferson School of Law, wrote in an oped for Truthout published Thursday.

This violates the public trust and constitutes a high crime or something, according to Ms. Cohn.

Democrats and environmentalists argued Trump’s decision to withdraw from Paris ceded U.S. leadership on global warming to China and other countries. Cohn went further, saying Trump violated the public trust by condemning them to apocalyptic warming. (snip)

“Mosquitos will increasingly carry diseases. The Earth will be hit with massive floods, devastating heat waves and drought. Polar bears will become extinct. People will lose their lands, their homes and their lives. Indeed, life as we know it will come to an end,” Cohn wrote.

It gets better, if you can believe it

That’s not all, Cohn also argues Trump’s Paris decision constituted a “high crime,” which the U.S. constitution lays out as a standard for impeachment. Cohn also says the 22 Republican Senators who signed a letter to Trump urging a Paris withdrawal had “aided and abetted” his “crime against humanity.”

See Captain Janeway above. Fortunately, the Crazy doesn’t end

Cohn said Trump’s Paris agreement withdrawal could be tried before the International Criminal Court for “destruction of the environment.” She cites a report from the non-profit group Center for Climate Crime Analysis that “[c]limate crimes are often intertwined with other serious international crimes.”

“As a result of this link, as well through their impact on climate change, climate crimes may represent a threat to international peace and security and potentially affect all of humankind and the very foundations of civilization,” Cohn quoted from the group’s report.

Obviously, there was never any war prior to ‘climate change’, and it’s only gotten worse since Trump. Can we blame WWI and WWII on him?

Excitable Marjorie is calling this a crime against the public trust, and a crime against humanity, as stated in international law, and we get, from the opinion piece by Ms. Cohn

By pulling out of the climate accord, Trump “makes himself guilty of what looks like a grave crime against humanity, the planet Earth, and future generations,” Uffe Elbæk, former Danish minister of culture and leader of Denmark’s Green Party, said.

Uh huh. And she believes that “imperiling the planet” is a non-partisan issue, hence

It is incumbent upon the House of Representatives to vote for the impeachment of Trump.

Good luck with that Professor Special Snowflake, good luck with that. There was a time when crazy kept it’s opinions to itself, especially at someplace like an influential school of law. Now, it seems, as if everyone must let out their crazy inner monologue.

Crossed at Right Wing News.

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15 Responses to “New Leftist Fantasy: Decision On Paris Climate Agreement Is Impeachable Offense”

  1. Jeffery says:

    Our liberal friends need to recognize that presidential impeachment is a political, not a judicial, act.

    Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for getting a blowjob from an intern (a vile act to be sure but not a high crime).

    This Republican Congress will not impeach trump EXCEPT if his continued presidency very seriously threatens their grip on power. Political. If it looked as if the mood the electorate has shifted and the House was looking at a Dem landslide, and local elections were trending significantly Democratic they MIGHT be inclined to act. Political. trump has committed any number of acts that might incline a Democratic Congress to draft articles – potential conflicts of interests (bribes) and obstruction of justice. Impeachment is a political act.

  2. drowningpuppies says:

    Republicans impeached Bill Clinton for getting a blowjob from an intern

    Another lie from the little guy who lied about “volunteering” to join the Army.

    Apparently history is not your strong suit, little guy.

    • david7134 says:

      Have you noted how the little jerk is constantly trying to pick a fight and make every one miserable. I thought about it and realized just how bad the world must look to the puke at this point. Our little orange head president (who it think is great) has rocked his world. He stole or better word, won, the presidency over Hillary (a true demon if there ever was one). As a result, he has already inserted into the SC a conservative who is young and will keep the country in order for the next 30 years. Trump, while the stupid liberal media has concentrated on a made up issue, has quietly been reversing all of the damaging things put in place by Obama. Obamacare is falling apart. The financial systems will once again be released to restore the economy. Trump is shaping much of this and has plans that the Dems can’t stop for other measures. Trump is winning over the labor unions, this must kill our resident turd. Blacks are beginning to see changes that can only be labeled coming from Trump, thus reversing 50 years of being slaves to the Dem party. In short, The little guys world is falling apart. Obama had set the country up to be a communistic utopia. All that was needed was for Hillary to step up to the plate and get a base hit, instead, she failed. And now the whole thing is coming to an end. In the jerks life time, he will be stuck with a conservative agenda, even if they elect another communist to the position. Trump will likely have 2 more Supreme appointments and thus will completely control the agenda. This shows with the little mans desperation and lashing out. It makes me feel so good.

      • Jeffery says:

        Dumb and Dumber,

        The adolescent trumpy has no effect on us directly – my family and I will be fine. If anything our taxes will go down. But trumpy (and the GOOP) have set their sights on the working poor, making it tougher for those of us that care about the working classes. But thanks for your concern. Many of his voters are finding out that he conned them.

        Nearly as important is that trumpy embarrasses the nation almost daily.

        How did “Infrastructure Week” go? LOL

        And where are all the good jobs? Where’s the great health care for everyone – better and cheaper too – said donnie.

        Dumb, As a white supremacist, of course trumpy pleases you. But is hunting down Mexicans, running down the FBI and ridiculing Muslims really why white working class voters turned out for him?

  3. Jeffery says:


    What did you do during the war?

  4. Phil says:

    Fighting Climate Change and joining the Paris Climate Agreement are not the same thing.

    The media always leaves out the massive transfer of funds connected to this program that has little to do with CO2 reduction.
    Those Americans who object to the U.S. can still send a cheque for 1000.00 or so to the UN Climate Green Fund.
    To not do so would make you a hypocrite.
    If everyone in the U.S. who objects to Trump’s decision did so, that would be a great deal of money.
    Also, if the world’s climate is in such dire straits, then the 195 participant countries can pay the U.S. to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. If this seems absurd, then why is it not absurd the other way around. The reduction of CO2 will be resolved through technology.
    I only wish that the billion dollars the U.S. already paid were instead invested in finding a reliable alternative to the combustible engine.
    Even James Hansen and other major Climate Alarmists did not support the Paris Climate Agreement. Claiming it would do little to solve the problem and was more focussed on wealth redistribution.
    That is why the new Chairman of the IPCC is Hoesung Lee’s whose background is in “The Economics of Climate Change.” They wanted an expert to help divvy up the funds!

  5. Dana says:

    Gerald Ford once said that an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives says it is, so if a majority of the House believed withdrawing from the Paris agreement was an impeachable offense, then it is.

    Of course, if a majority of the House believed that, then perhaps President Obama would have submitted the Paris agreement to the Congress, as an executive-legislative agreement, and gotten it written into law, which would mean that President Trump couldn’t have withdrawn.

  6. drowningpuppies says:

    President Obama would have submitted the Paris agreement to the Congress…

    But of course, golf, giving nukes to Iran, and spying on the American public kinda took up most of his time.

  7. Jeffery says:

    Gerald Ford once said that an impeachable offense is whatever a majority of the House of Representatives says it is

    They are only constrained by decency and a sense of history.

    Obama understood that submitting to Congress would be a waste of time because of their lack of decency and a sense of history.

    • Dana says:

      Jeffrey wrote:

      Obama understood that submitting (the Paris agreement) to Congress would be a waste of time because of their lack of decency and a sense of history.

      Why, then, did he sign the agreement? After all, President Obama swore to “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States,” and the Constitution includes a requirement for congressional consent to treaties with foreign nations.

      Article II, Section 2, paragraph 2:

      (The President) shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur . . . .

      If the President believes that the Senate will not concur, and he is unwilling to try to persuade them, what is he doing signing treaties in the first place?

      Alexander Hamilton, writing in Federalist #75, addressed the treaty-making power of the President, comparing it with the unfettered power of the Crown to make treaties without recourse to Parliament, and noting that, at the very least, a monarch has a life-long interest in seeing that his nation is not harmed, while a temporarily-in-office chief magistrate bears no such constraint. Yet Mr Hamilton also said that leaving the treaty-making power to the Senate alone, excluding the President, would be a poor choice, in that the executive has a role in the execution of treaties.

      Barack Hussein Obama was elected by the barest of majorities, and the public quickly took away even that, with the election of a hostile Congress two years later. Donald Trump was elected with even less, fewer votes than his Democratic opponent, though, fortunately for our Republic, more widely spread across this great land. Why should either man have the power to commit our entire nation to any international obligation solely by himself?

      Vice President John Adams believed that President Washington should be addressed as “His Majesty, the President,” so as to be on the same plane as the European monarchs; that was rejected, as Americans had just rejected monarchy. It would appear, however, that many on the left — Jeffrey amongst them — believe that President Obama ought to have been accorded that title, along with the power of noble Kings such as Henry II or Richard CÅ“ur de Lion to rule by decree, though their opinions concerning presidential authority seem to have changed since January 20th.

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  9. Jeffery says:

    There is nothing unconstitutional about signing an executive agreement, with its non-binding conditions.

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