Good News! Solar Plane Takes Just 16 Hours To Fly From San Francisco To Phoenix!

It’s a triumph of Cult of Climastrology science!

(Reuters)  A solar-powered airplane midway through a historic bid to circle the globe completed the 10th leg of its journey on Monday, landing in Arizona after a 16-hour flight from California, the project team said.

The Swiss team flying the aircraft in a campaign to build support for clean energy technologies hopes eventually to complete its circumnavigation in Abu Dhabi, where the journey began in March 2015.

The spindly, single-seat experimental aircraft, dubbed Solar Impulse 2, arrived in Phoenix shortly before 9 p.m., following a flight from San Francisco that took it over the Mojave Desert.

The flight would have taken a conventional airplane just two hours, but the solar craft’s cruising speed, akin to that of a car, required pilots to take up meditation and hypnosis in training to stay alert for long periods.

It was totally historic! Hooray! Wait, what’s that you say? A very, very slow car?

Yeah, you could drive it in less time. Even with a few food and potty breaks, it would still take you less time. But, hey, I guess it beats walking (252 hours) or biking (67 hours). Google Maps doesn’t say how long covered wagon takes.

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5 Responses to “Good News! Solar Plane Takes Just 16 Hours To Fly From San Francisco To Phoenix!”

  1. John says:

    That was 12 hours with no traffic
    So probably a realistic 14+ if you don’t stop to eat
    Would you expect the first solar plane to circle the world to do much better? Do you think that later ones will have improved performance ? Or is that the ultimate limit of solar tech?

  2. Zachriel says:

    What’s all the hoopla about the Wright brothers? They flew 120 feet at a ground speed of 7 mph.

  3. Jeffery says:

    Comment by Zachriel

    What’s all the hoopla about the Wright brothers? They flew 120 feet at a ground speed of 7 mph.

    Spot on!

    Teach’s grandpa, Jebediah Teach, wrote about it, concluding, “This is what passes for science from this new Cult of Machinery! A horse can travel 50 miles in a day on a couple pounds of feed – this unnatural contraption flew 120 feet! If you need to send a love letter across the creek, by all means, call the Not Wright Brothers! This is the same Cult that’s wishing to eliminate our reliable steeds, substituting their dirty and loud horseless carriage machines, forcing the working man to pay for their vile gasoline rather than growing the fuel for old Dobbin! Fortunately, saner heads will triumph! A few years ago, Professor Arrhenius proved that the poisonous gases ejected by these engines will cause our planet to warm uncontrollably. That’s not a world I would wish on my grandchildren.”

  4. JGlanton says:

    That was funny, Jeffery.

  5. Liam Thomas says:

    What I find interesting and comical is that warmists actually believe that mankind is still going to be around in 30k years.

    We are well past the Yellowstone Caldera eruption timescale. Super plumes in the Pacific are actually increasing as the techtonic plates continue to matriculate and the chances of a planet killer hitting our atmosphere in the next 30k years is almost 100 percent.

    I just came back from Brazil and that country is in economic chaos and its been kneecapped with the drastic slide in oil prices.

    Yet as the world is awash in Oil under the leadership of a president who vowed to save the planet, the warmist continue to claim its the right who are what stops them from saving the planet.

    As George Soros rakes in the money by owning 40 percent of Brazils oil. As Warren Buffet rakes in the Dough from his trains in the Dakotas which bring oil to the markets. Or as Bill Gates rakes in the money by being a majority stock holder in Canada’s only train system which transports dirty oil from the tar sands all over North America, each and everyone of them plays the Warmists for fools.

    Donald Trump said he has contributed to Hillary and when she becomes president he expects her to repay him. Hes a billionaire. Its what he does. He could care less about the environment if it doesnt help his bottom line. Neither does Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or George Soros or T. Boone Pickens or for that matter…….

    Name your billionaire.

    What I find amusing beyond belief is the lengths to which warmists and lesbians and the poor and (Name your democratic PAC or group with an agenda)goes in believing that the democratic party actually gives a shit about them.

    They simply say what they want to hear, all the while continue to rack up billions selling oil and coal and natural gas.

    And the LEFT SHOUTS AMEN! While their billionaires laugh at the poor, lesbians, hispanics, blacks, gays, peta’s and every other nitwit that makes up their base by keeping them in perpetual hope with no hope every actually being produced.

    Hillary or Trump? It will make no difference. We will still see nothing done, the rich getting richer, oil wells being built, the poor still poor and gays and lesbians still mistreated and illegal immigrants still flooding the borders.

    It is after all MONEY and power that drives our politicians and they could give a flying flip about what any groups prideful arguments bring to the table.

    Good Luck in November. No matter who wins….global warming will still keep on keeping on because none of these people actually care.

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