Bummer: Washington Post Totally Worried About The Earth Becoming A Swamp World

And no, this is not an April Fool’s Day joke, the Editorial Board is dead serious

Shocking new study foresees a swamped planet as the GOP revels in illogic

“I JUST think we have much bigger risks,” Donald Trump told us last week. We had asked the Republican presidential candidate about human-caused climate change, a phenomenon in which he said he is “not a big believer.” Don’t good business leaders hedge against risks, spending something now to avoid potentially negative outcomes later? “I think our biggest form of climate change we should worry about is nuclear weapons,” he responded.

Mr. Trump is not alone among Republicans in citing other scary problems to illogically ignore the danger of a warming world. Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) and Ohio Gov. John Kasich both mention terrorism — “the real problem that faces us today,” Mr. Kasich said — when criticizing President Obama’s efforts to slow climate change.

Meanwhile, in the world of facts, evidence and science, the dangers of climate change look ever more frightening.

This is pimping the new study about how the melting in western Antarctica portends future doom

The interlocking effects of the Earth’s various systems remain complex and difficult to predict. What is beyond question is that we face significant risk. The prudent response would be to mitigate the threat, instead of waiting to discover that scientists’ warnings were on target — or even understated — after the damage has been done.

Why are they not taking Obama to task? He just said nuclear proliferation is the most dangerous problem in the world. But, hey, if the prudent response is to mitigate the threat, then all Warmists should get off their duffs, give up their own use of fossil fuels, and make their lives carbon neutral, because things are so dire that they cannot afford to wait.

The NY Times Editorial Board is also very upset about the study. They should stop using fossil fuels to produce the content for their newspaper and to spread their newspaper around the country and world. Every little bit helps!

Every day in Warmist World is a combination of Halloween and April Fool’s Day.

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2 Responses to “Bummer: Washington Post Totally Worried About The Earth Becoming A Swamp World”

  1. jl says:

    Do you believe these clowns? First they say “the interlocking effects of the earth’s various systems remain complex and difficult to predict.” And in the next breath “what is beyond question is that we face significant risk.” So, if the climate is “difficult to predict”, how then could those effects be “beyond question”? We can’t predict it but….we know what’s going to happen. Trust us! Do these bozos proof-read what they write? The climate circus continues.

  2. Jeffery says:


    Lots of things are hard to predict. For example, it’s hard to predict which smoker will get lung cancer, yet it’s easy to predict out of 1000 smokers that about 240 will develop lung cancer at some point.

    Is it possible that the Earth will start to cool? Of course. Is it probable without giant volcanic eruptions or global nuclear war? No. The Earth is warming and will continue to warm. Will next year be warmer than this year? Can’t say, but probably not. Will the 2020s decade be warmer than the 2010s decade? Probably.

    Should we stimulate the world’s economies by hastening the transition from dirty, dangerous fossil fuels to clean renewable energy sources? Of course. There’s no valid argument against it (other than that fossil fuel corporations will eventually have to find something else to do).

    j – We understand that you Deny even that the Earth is warming, so of course you Deny that anything needs to be done. Why did the warmest years ever recorded occur during the Denier “pause”?

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